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DOLL & HOBBY to close for 6-8 months

Sep 19, 2005

    1. I asked Doll & Hobby about an outfit I wanted and this is what they emailed back:

      "Sorry we cannot order limited outfits unless we are currently taking preorders for them. We won’t have a retail location once we close for 6-8 months. Thanks."

      I'm visiting Florida soon and I was planning on road tripping there. :( Rats!

      But I'm wondering if their website will be closed too. I emailed them back. I'll keep you posted.
    2. Their website had a Moving Sale announced a little while back. Didn't say where they were moving to. 6-8 months though, wow. Wonder where they're going?
    3. Yeah, I saw the moving thing on the website, so I asked them where they were moving to and what I posted above was all the answer I got. I'm just amazed they'd CLOSE for that long, though. Maybe the owners want to go on a trip around the world or something? haha But seriously, is that a good business practice? I think not. They're going to lose a lot of customers that way because people will think they are out of business. I hope the online store stays up, though.

      I want my road trip. :-p
    4. I'm heading up there today - I'll ask Frank what's up. I think it's because he's been having problems with Volks, not because of their moving.
    5. Oh oh please find out where they're moving to!
    6. Are they closed now, or is it a future closing they announced?
    7. I think future, but I'm guessing it's just the physical store that's closing. I hope.
    8. They are open now, as far as I know. I'll find out when the exact date of moving is.
    9. Oh good, then, maybe they're not moving far. But I wonder why it's going to take 6-8 months.
    10. Maybe, hopefully, they just oopsed and meant "weeks" instead of "months"?
    11. That's a happy thought. Hopefully Zevchan can tell us. :-D
    12. That's a hopeful thought. Because if they really do mean 6-8 months, that may put a severe damper on whether Frank can place any kind of orders at all for LE dolls during the next Dolpa, especially if it's in December.

    13. :o I hadn't thought of that!!!!

      Oh no!!!

    14. My bad - I didn't make it up there today (got a late start on errands) but I will be going up tomorrow. I'll keep you posted ^_^
    15. Well I've been wondering if they will at all due to the new Volks store?! Just a thought - I have no knowledge of it either way but I've been wondering where the new Volks store will put them in regards to their Volks stuff. Frank has told many people that Volks is hard to deal with....

      Just thinking aloud :daisy
    16. Volks opening a store on the West Coast actually will help Doll Hobby not hurt it. Based on the hiring info from the Volks website, they will be doing shipping from the Torrance area, which can only make it easier for Doll Hobby to get merchandise. Also, Volks is working on having more distributors (outside stores that carry their products).

      The problem isn't Volks, it is the demand for their products, which is greater than they have been able to produce. Other companies have had the same thing happen, right now Integrity is having alot of the same issues.

      As for Doll Hobby, they are moving not closing, so I would doubt if there will be any downtime on the website. In fact they are having a moving sale on their website.