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Sep 20, 2005

    1. I just spoke to Frank and here's what he said:

      1 - They have the retail location until the end of December BUT will more than likely be packing up to be out by Thanksgiving (so if you want to visit the retail location, do it before then).

      2 - They will NOT be closed for 6-8 months like previously rumored, they just might take a while to move once they find a new location (though they all said most likely around a month to move, depending on how much there is to move).

      3 - They do not have a new retail location yet, they are still looking. It might be in a different town etc..., they are just not sure yet.

      4 - They will continue to take online orders throughout the move as if nothing has happined, though there might be a week where they aren't able to ship anything out if they are moving.

      5 - They WILL STILL BE ABLE TO ORDER LEs (& all other items on their website) FROM VOLKS during that time unless Volks tells them they can't for some unknown reason (meaning, they will still take pre-orders like they always do as soon as they heard from Volks as usual etc... etc...)
    2. Well that's good news. I hope they find a really awesome new location...not that I've ever seen the old one...lol You rock for finding out all of this for us Zev! :D
    3. That's good news :grin:
    4. Thanks for letting us know :wink: !