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Doll in Kits Yay or Nay?

Jun 26, 2007

  1. Yes, I would like that!

  2. No, I don't want to spend all that time and work before I can enjoy my doll

  3. Yes, I'd like that, it should be an option doll makers could do for us.

  4. Yes, there should be... It could mean I could get my dream doll for cheaper.

  5. No I am waiting long enough for my dolls already, I'd rather pay and have a finished doll.

  6. I have no real opinion on the subject.

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    1. Hello

      The first experience I had with ABJD was with a Souldoll kit, since then all my dolls came string and fairly sanded. I loved the on hand experience I have with my doll as I always get them without a faceup. I love being the one finishing my doll.

      My Question is this, do you think there should be more doll kits availlable? Should it be an option?
    2. I think it be fair to have it as an option if it cuts down on time from order to when I get the doll. It's not terribly diffcult to put these guys together. I have debated about getting a Volks MSD Myu kit just cause I hate the price on a finished one and putting her together would help me bond with her I think. Plus she would be strung exactly how I would like her and if I wanted to make modifications to her it be a lot easier for her to come in pieces. Although most of my "kids" will be bought assembled (most wouldn't have super long shipping times) I have nothing against kits if they are offered at a discount (of at least $100).
    3. I would love if more companies offered kits. ^_^ I think as my first doll, I was scared to order a kit so I ordered an already assembled doll. Currently, I'd love to see more dolls in kits though. :)
    4. I totally agree with you! I have worked on a few dolls and the fact that I did work on them make them more personnal. And no it's not that hard to string them. My Souldoll was my first doll. I strung him when I got him and I have never had to redo the tension on his elastic.
    5. I really like kits--it's a good way to save some cash, and it's very rewarding (to me, anyway) to put the doll together myself. I often take them apart to body blush them anyway. I got my Soom Rian as a kit, and really enjoyed the experience.
    6. That is the biggest benfit I see with kits is the elastic tension. There seem to be a lot of compliants with how tight the elastic is or how loose it is, and this eliminates it. Also there is a unique thing you can do, if you want say the leg elastic to be tight so the doll can stand easier, but want the arms a little loose that's easy to do with the kit. Plus overall you learn how your doll is and knowing how to do this helps out the newer doll owners when they are scared to death to do anything like this to their dolls.

      Was going to say something else but my train of thought left me....I think that a sign I need to go to bed rather than posting lol.
    7. I'd love to buy dolls in kits--especially if there was a discount! :lol:
      It'd probably make me a lot less antsy with my dolls, too...I've been afraid to tighten up my girl, but if I strung my own doll...I don't think I'd have a problem at all. :) I'd know that I can do it.
    8. I feel like I haven't properly gotten to know a doll unless I've put it together myself at least once (which usually means taking it apart myself at least once). Getting dolls in kits would probably persuade me to get to blushing and sueding faster as well, because I could do all of that before assembly, rather than going through the intense process of taking the doll apart first. Taking a doll apart is less time consuming, but to me a lot more nerve wracking, than putting one back together.

      So, more kits would make for more great bonding experiences, as well as a method of saving money :D
    9. I would love it, it give the doll a little more personal meaning, as well as making the owner more comfortable with handling it
    10. I think it would be a great option. I love stringing dolls and I'm really picky about tension so it would be really nice to have the ability to do it myself. Plus, I find that it's a really good bonding sort of experience..
    11. I love kits! Not only would they be cheaper and safer to ship (no tension on hooks while being thrown around and smaller boxes) they're just so much fun! You get so sand the doll if you like and string the tension just to your liking. You also then don't have he agonizing decision of wiping a factory face up or not in order to try your hand at your own!

      My first doll was a kit, and I would have not had it any other way. <3
    12. YES! I'm a very hands on kind of person so I wish all dolls came in kits because the first thing I do with a doll after opening the box is remove the face up and restring it!

    13. Funny time to ask - at the same time highly awaited open pre-order for the Unoa 1.5 girls has started! Except in rare cases, Unoas are only available as kits.

      I think kits from more manufacturers would be great. They could sell them for less, the shipping mught be less for a smaller box, and the first thing many people do with an unpainted doll is unstring it, resand it, wash it, and coat or coat/body blush/coat. Or at the very least, take would probably the head off for a faceup.

    14. I'd love to have more kits too. They're cheaper, the wait is shorter and I quite enjoyed putting together my Elf Uyoo.

      So yes, I'm definitely in favour of more kits.
    15. My first (and so far only) doll was a kit. I feel like there were many benefits to getting her that way, not the least of which is the fact that since she came to me in pieces, having to re-string her at some future point isn't such an intimidating prospect. They are fairly simple to assemble. When I got Maebe I had never touched a bjd before, so I had no "hands-on" experience with how tight to string her, etc. A little reading online, and she turned out great. :)
    16. I like the idea (getting a Unoa in this order :whee:) but at the same time, there would be difficulties with it... When the doll is strung at the company, the know what they're doing, so can see if the accidentally strung, say a right calf on the left leg. But just putting the pieces in the box, mistakes would be harder to catch...
      ...And there'd be 20 bazillion threads in all possible sections of the forum: "Helpz Plz! How 2 string Dolly?", of course right above the "Doll stringing tutorial"... :doh (:| sorry, pet peve of mine...)
    17. I got my MSD Ken as a kit from Volks USA and I had a blast putting him together! ... about three times! lol. Once, because I was gidy and wanted him together, Twice because he needed to be tighter to stand on his own, and three times when I had to take him apart to seal and blush him!
      Good times! One day I'd like to put a bigger doll together, mine or not. It's really great seeing a pile of parts turn into a little person. :)
    18. I never even knew companies sold dolls in kits! :sweat

      What companies do the kits?

      If they were cheaper, I think I'd be all for it. Because it seems like it would be alot more personal when you actually put it together yourself.
    19. I'd never insist that all companies should get into providing kits but it would be nice to see more kits available.

      So many of my dolls are hybrids I end up having to take them apart, switch parts around and put them back together anyhow. I also rather enjoy restringing, so that's no problem. :thumbup
    20. I loved putting my Volks kit together! Getting him strung and painted and dressed just how I wanted was such a thrill.

      My mum used to tell me about the old Mary Hoyer doll stores when one could go in, pick a doll (based on size, hair color and eye color) and the dress and get it named. Build a Bear and American Girl do kind of the same thing today.

      But imagine being able to do that WITH BJD PARTS *starry eyes*. Kind of like FCS, but with instant delivery and maybe a room in the back to go do your sanding if you were so inclined.