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Doll In Mind Boys! What fits?

Jul 29, 2009

    1. Happy Doll Jullis from DIM is over 47 cm tall! What on EARTH fits him? I HAVE to have him...he's the perfect boy for me and I need to know how to outfit this guy.:dance:love:dance

      Anyone know?

      Many thanks!

      BTW, are there any DIM specific topics started yet? I couldn't find one.:?
    2. Anyone?? I really need to know... do you keep them in short pants or get tall boots to cover up the high-waters?
      I do know based on measurements that the SD clothes are WAY too big, not just too long. So, until DIM comes out with specific clothes it looks like goofy short pants or jeans stuffed into boots for him. Now what about sleeves? I couldn't get a measurement to compare....does anyone have Jullis or Ace?
    3. you really need to give people more than a few hours to respond. . . . i don't know, but I have a Lati Blue Rucas who is 46cm tall and it's a pain to find him clothes also. maybe you can compare the measurements of these two and see if they're similar, giving you more options.
    4. Thanks sspearls...(I know, I'm impatient...sorry) I'll look up Lati Blue Rucas and see if they are
      similar. But it appears that he has size issues too. :-) It would be nice if their own companies would make clothes for them.
    5. yes that's true. you could try an easier size.
    6. hello there! i also want a DIM doll, ace in fact. i've discovered that there are some websites that make custom clothes, but it seems incredibly expensive, and personally, i'm not willing to spring for it. there's another option; since DIM dolls are almost exactly the same size as other MSD dolls, the legs are just longer and the chest a bit wider, most clothes will fit them. However, the problem of highwaters is almost unsolvable without custom clothing or clothes from the DIM site (but shipping to U.S. is almost $60, for what, a $40 pair of pants?) so you could try just having them wear shorts or capris. i think that's what i do when i get my doll, or i'll find high boots (:
      sorry i couldnt be more help, and if i rambled
    7. Tata's Paradise have nice shirts that fit well. The long sleeved shirts have longer than usual sleeves, so they're actually the right length. :D

      And Aoi Sora (in the Marketplace subforum) have very nice clothes for a reasonable price, too. They make their clothes in a custom size for no extra cost.
    8. Maybe the clothes from Iplehouse. I heard that Iple boys are pretty big too !
    9. I'm guessing that DIM has no 'full set' option for Ace and Alpon then? I just assumed I'd be able to get them as full sets....with their photo clothing. Does anyone know the answer to this?
    10. As far as I know DIM doesn't do fullsets... Shame, cause some of the dolls on their site have SUCH pretty clothing.
    11. I have a DIM happy Jullis boy and i also have a hard time finding clothes for him...

      he just arrived for about 2 weeks so he doesn't have much clothes yet, but i bought 1 outfit from Luts for him and i was so surprised it fit him so perfect because he is a long leg boy! i bought MILK CAT SET For Kid Delf...........so i guess Kid Delf might fit? im not sure about other outfits but the set i bought really fit perfectly...

      i also bought him some top from dollmore and it fit pretty well too, just finding pan for him is a pain.
    12. i know most of dollmores things fit... and i heard another space clothes fit well too
    13. I've tried several outfits on him.But I think they are not fit him well.
      I have 1 of dollmore suit but it's look funny on him.
      And other pants are too short for him too.
      He also has ummm ... large penis when compared with other MSD boy.
      That's made the hip of him a little bit larger than other MSD.
      So I ended up made him outfits by myself.
      That's the best way!
    14. I also own Jullis, but I haven't dared ordering clothes for him yet. It's alright with shoes, sure, but the whole height bussiness is a bother, so I've stuck to sewing my own clothes so far. (Not to mention I have a huge prob finding a perfect boyfriend for him. It's either a shorter one, which is definetely a no-no, or some 60 cm boy. And that makes it a hell of a difference.) It's just stupid...
    15. There appear to be 2 types of Lati Blue boy bodies?

      I just had a look at their measurements. I wish I could use html because I'd set this up as a table so it would be easier to follow...

      DIM Boy - 47.5cm
      Lati Blue Boy - 46cm

      DIM Boy - 18cm
      Lati Blue Boy - 20cm

      DIM Boy - 15cm
      Lati Blue Boy - 16.5cm

      DIM Boy - 18.5cm
      Happy Blue Boy - 20cm

      Where I can't find info is the leg length on Lati Blue boys. That's going to make a difference on whether or not the pants are too short.

      DIM Happy boys have a 24cm leg length. For reference the total length of the jeans that DIM sells (and appears to be sold out of always) are 28cm. Most all pants I find are 27cm in length.

      It would be great if people could post specific examples of stuff that fit Happy boys. Especially pants. I'm not really finding that it's a problem to find him shirts but pants are a problem.

      Mine is wearing jeans by Nine9 Style. They're really nice They're way too tight in the waist/hips, making it hard for him to sit. They're also too short. But I'd prefer he had on pants so he can suffer these until I find him some that fit.

    16. OK, I'm double posting here. I had asked DIM if they were going to make any more of the jeans they had for sale. The answer is rather interesting:

      I've written again to ask what this means. I asked if the new happy boy body is going to be a different size. It sounds like it will be from the answer above. Hopefully I will get an answer on this. If the new boy body is going to be shorter then I'm going to wait on getting my Jullis head a body. Hopefully they'll let me know about the new body and I'll post the answer when (if) I get it.

      I got a reply back. This is what they said:

    17. Well I've found Alicecollections (http://www.alicescollections.com/) MSD stuff fits him, and she's not too expensive either!
      But otherwise handmaking stuff is good too. I'm currently making a pair of overall-shorts for my boy and some more t-shirts because I'm currently lacking in those haha (and I have so much spare material that I really should use some before I buy anything else :P)
    18. Great to know! Also, since I started this thread, I have discovered that DollHeart fits, as long as the pants are supposed to be short or fit into boots. These guys have some LEGS..!!!!