Update Doll In Mind closing down-end of April

Apr 13, 2019

    1. From the announcement on DiM website:


      We really thank you for all DIM collectors and lovers for such a long year.

      Since 2005, we have been loved by so many BJD Collectors.

      We are very sorry to announce that DIM will be closing down soon.

      For the last time, here is the Last chance to own DIM dolls.

      Order Period : ~ end of April 2019

      Some of models may not be available and some would be closed without notice.

      Delivery : At least 8 weeks or more. (some would be fast)

      If you cannot find models at dimdoll.com you can contact to [email protected]

      Maybe some models would be possible with minimum 25pcs group order.

      Again, we Thank you all for huge love on DIM

      Good Bye


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    2. Will Terrence be for sale ?
    3. You will need to ask on the DIM Q&A board as the OP isn't a representative of DIM.
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