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Doll in Mind Dealer Grand Opening Free Shipping Ends on Sept. 30th!

Aug 16, 2008

    1. Update 9.30.08: today is the last day for the free shipping event!!

      Hello Everyone!

      I am officially a dealer for DiM Dolls!
      I am opening up an EBAY store but if there is anything not listed on there that you are interested in just send me a message and let me know!! Or feel free to E-Mail me at caitlyn.eakins(at)gmail.com

      Ebay listing prices are going down next month!! so everything will be listed then! Please feel free to message me if you want to order! Only the 3 most watched sculpts are currently listed!

      Or if you would rather buy through DoA (and save me the fees) that's fine as well.

      There are absolutely no shipping charges on dolls for anyone living in the continental US for orders placed before September 30.
      International shipping is reduced.

      Hope to see your business!!

    2. Will you ever sell parts, or will you only ever carry full dolls?
    3. I can only sell things the way they sell them on their site.
      Heads and Bodies.
      Anything that is available on their site, though, I can get. Clothes/accesories included.

      Sorry... I know everyone wants hands and feet but thats just not possible currently.
    4. will you be getting the headphones? i wants me pair of those
    5. When are you going to be carrying accessories (or can we already get them if we ask you)? I ask because they're not in the eBay listings yet.
    6. i can get accessories, ill be doing those through here. Ebay listings are so pricey these days, its not worth it for me to sell smaller items on there.

      headphones: yes
      accessories: yes

      just so everyone knows ill be sending in orders approximately every 2 weeks.
    7. OMG that's so cool! Can you get the company face-up through the e-bay store?
    8. yes you can get face-ups when you buy it through ebay, you can either send a second payment through paypal or you can just send me a note and tell me to add it to the invoice.
    9. free shipping only in usa?
      buuuu :(
      and in southamerica]?
    10. no, im sorry. its only in the states.
      International shipping is too expensive to do that. Plus Im the dealer for the US. Not the world lol
    11. I would love to add your ebay store to my favorite sellers list, but for some reason you don't have that link on your items, are you not set up as a store there, only a seller?
    12. yes im only a seller. its because the ebay store is only temporary.
      Im currently creating an actual website.
      i believe you can add favorite sellers though.

      ebay fees are just soooo outrageous these days.
    13. Aw, darn. That means I wouldn't get free shipping in Canada, correct?
    14. no afraid not. though, to canada I could reduce the shipping (normally $50) to $40.
    15. DiM has made me shorten my promotional period to not compete with other companies. Therefore, the promotional shipping period will now end on September 30th.

      USA: free
      International: $40
    16. UPDATE:
      I will be sending in a DiMdoll order very soon!
      If you would like clothes or accessories this is the best way to do it as you would only have to pay shipping from me to you!!!
      Only $7 in the States and $12 international!!
    17. International shipping has been added to the ebay listings.
    18. updated some info. <3
    19. I noticed that one of the other DIM US dealers seems to order stock first, then sell what he has. Do you do this, or are you more of an intermediary who takes orders and then sends them to DIM, or both? Can I order a doll without faceup through you? The ebay listings only show only dolls with default faceups.

      If I order through you, do I only pay shipping from you to me (regardless of current promotion)? Or is EMS from Korea figured into the doll price?
    20. I do not hold stock, as I do not have a place to keep it. I am only one person working out of my appartment. I order through DiM and then distribute the entire order. Though I do hope to be able to have an actual store and hold stock one day.
      Yes, dolls come with out face-ups. Face-ups cost extra.

      After the Promotional period, you only pay shipping from me to you. That includes tracking and insurance. No different than any other retailer. :)