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Event Doll in Mind discontinuing all current dolls-Sale 35-50%

Aug 10, 2016

    1. Notice from DiM Site:

      "Thank you very much for your love and support

      on DIM doll. We are discontinuing current models

      step by step for renewal in the future.

      Therefore, from 9th August, the price of out current models

      will be on sale from 35% to 50% but there will be

      no package box, photos, wig, eyes included.

      Certificate will be included.

      This is the last chance you could get the current models

      as there will be no more production after we sell them out.

      Thank you again and we hope to see you again with better


      D.I.M - Doll in Mind ball jointed doll

      New Notice from DiM

      "We are taking orders until 16th August.

      thank you very much.

      however, we will offer again sometime in the future as there are many others need time to order and we respect that.

      thank you

      #1 Cydril, Aug 10, 2016
      Last edited: Aug 14, 2016
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    2. How long can we buy the discontinued dolls?Any date?
    3. I second the question about end date -- I'm interested, but don't quite have the funds yet so I'd love to know if they'll still be available when I get paid!
    4. Is DIM still offering tan resin? I don't see it on the website but I figured I'd ask anyway.
    5. Do you do lay-a-way?
    6. Please note that the member who started this News thread does not represent Doll in Mind.
      You will need to take your questions to Doll in Mind's Q&A board to get answers.
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    7. I have asked DIM and they say they don't have an end date in mind yet.
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    8. Are the prices shown on the DIM site already the discounted price?
    9. Yes. :daisy For instance, a 1/4 Happy doll is $159.50 after the discount, but normally they are closer to $250+ (I can't remember the exact price---been a while since I saw it). Prices don't include shipping.

      I hope this helps you. :)
    10. I am pretty sure it is until they are out of stock with them from my understanding of it all

      I hope this helps ^^"
    11. To reply to some curious folks, I asked D.I.M. Doll when their sale would end. This was their response:

      So, in short...no one knows! Get them while you can!
    12. I asked, out of curiosity myself, and yes, they do layaway. 50% upfront and the remaining 50% in 30 days...not the most generous time frame but a layaway nonetheless.
    13. I haven't ordered directly from DIM before and I'm curious about their payment option. Wire transfer? If they go out of business....would we get a return or just lose out? Anyone familiar with this? Have they always only had that option for payment? Anyone else want one but concerned about this? Or am I being paranoid...
    14. I paid with PayPal because I don't feel comfortable with wire transfers. During check-out, I selected credit card but didn't provide any credit card info; instead, I sent money to the PayPal email DIM listed on their order confirmation screen. I provided my order number in a note tied to my PayPal payment then let DIM know via their Q&A that my payment had been sent. They replied within 24 hours and updated my order status from (basically) "waiting on payment" to "confirm receipt."

      I hope this helps, at least a little. :daisy,
    15. For payment if you select "bank transfer," then when you go to check out it says just send payment to their Paypal ID. I was confused too, but it worked.
    16. i thought i should add, i asked DIM and they said they would not be renewing any of the sculpts, so this is really the last chance to get them i suppose :(
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    17. DIM has announced a closing date for the sales
      (from the notice section of their website):

      We are taking orders until 16th August.

      thank you very much.

      however, we will offer again sometime in the future as there are many others need time to order and we respect that.

      thank you

    18. I would hate to see them go out of business....they have the most interesting sculpts, although not the best factory face-ups. With that said, I ordered an Annabeth. Wish I had more funds......

      They now have it posted that they will take orders until August 16th!
      #18 vixen, Aug 14, 2016
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    19. Thanks for the info about PayPal payments. That's makes me feel more at ease