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Doll in Mind - Jeremy? ?_?

Jan 9, 2007

    1. Mkay, so. I've been trying to find the right doll for an old character of mine for a WHILE! :o And the ones that have come the closest are D.I.M. dolls. Now, Jeremy's mouth and nose are PERFECT. But where can I get him with open eyes? :? I can't find him on the DIM site anywhere! Heeeeeelp! >_<
    2. Jeremy isn't sold with open eyes. Never has been, that I know of. (If I'm wrong, someone can feel free to correct me). If you want him with open eyes, you'll have to modify him yourself, or commission someone to do it for you.
    3. There isn't an open eyed Jeremy; not that I know of. You'll have to open his eyes yourself, or commission somebody else to. Or look for another mold thats close to Jeremys. I think Archer, or whatever he's called (the new one, not BBJORN) looks very close to Jeremy and his eyes are open. Good luck :)
    4. Achernar is the one you're thinking of, krystina. :)
    5. Hee hee, thats it! Thank you DraloreShimare!
    6. Oh foo! Okay. Thank you for the help guys! I think I'm gonna take a shot at modding him.