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Doll in Mind Love bodies version 2

May 11, 2007

    1. I love DIM :) I can't wait to see the new dolls. Too bad they don't have more 60cm boys coming out.
    2. Ooo Thank you Denny! :D DIM is going to take all my money but it's okay. I don't mind!! :)
    3. I hope there are new bodies for the Happy boys soon. I love increased mobility and all the new improvements BJD companies are making. I would love to be able to get Sergei on a new body!
    4. Denny, do you know when is Cordelia going to be available?? I'd better start saving some money!! :)
    5. I really can't wait to see the new "Happy" girls though, I really wonder are they going to be like Odelia and Marianne, or even more beautiful!!! So many doll releases at once , don't know what to do....
    6. I want to see the new Happy girls too. :D
    7. Hi, the head is available but the completed doll will be resold later.
    8. I really love the old bodies; my Persia is the most adorable flopper ever. He curls up in bed just like me. XD I'm excited to see the new boys though!
    9. I love the Lloyd head mold; kinda reminds me of Koodoll :D
    10. The new boy dolls are G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S - but i liked the look of the old boy bodies better, the new ones are too muscle-ish for little old me :(

      (i heart skinny boys!)
    11. *fans self* Oooooh god. I really like these boys. WHY are DIM dolls so pretty? I need more money.
    12. That's the first thing i thought too when i saw Lloyd!! :D
    13. Omg I looooove Andrea! :D Ahghhh more boys to save up for XD;; just when I thought I had gotten rid of my Angelo fetish...
    14. O___O;...Well I never imagined my character to have a six pack...
      But...Wow those abs XD! Right, time to start saving!
    15. I like the old bodies better, too, because I like skinny over muscle-y. Plus, my character's really feminine and so...so much muscle doesn't fit him *_*

      What's the difference between 1 and 2, other than the neck size? Or is there any? :sweat
    16. I really love having both choices, smaller guys and bigger guys. I do like the new DIM body, and Andrea is pretty nice ;)
    17. O: SOOOOO cute! Eeeks! I'm lovin' the new bodies. I'm all for taller bodies... nice range of heights... Eeeeks...
    18. I do like the new bodies, but I totally can't picture any of the old boys going on a body like that. Sweet little Angelo with a 6 pack? Maybe not...

      But I love the new boys! It's great that DIM now has more mature looking sculpts available. But I can't decide who I like better - Andrea's probably more my type, but Lloyd looks like such a primadonna he's hard to resist. ^^
    19. Does anyone know if a DIM body can fit on a Delf head?