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Doll in Mind Love Boys - Bjorn and Archernar

Dec 7, 2006

    1. All DIM Love size, which those are, are 60cm size.
    2. Ooooh, they're -very- pretty! What's the resin quality like on them-do you know?
    3. Well, if they're anything like my Belita, it's fairly good quality. I have both an old DIM body and a new one, and there is definitely an improvement in the resin quality. Other people might be able to give you a better answer, but I think it's pretty good:sweat
    4. The resin is very shiny until it's coated, but despite that, it feels nice. It's also quite heavy. I have no complaints other than the shininess, though.
    5. when is more info about them gonna be released?
    6. Sorry, I don't know anymore details, but if I get any more information I'll be sure to post it.:sweat
    7. Are they limited?
    8. Though the promo pic still says Bernard, all the other site info (the doll's individual page etc) lists his name as 'Achernar'.
    9. They are so pretty *_* I'm getting Achernar when he comes out... yeah. I must save.
    10. The link at the top of this thread links - to this thread! Anyone have the DIM link?
    11. Here's a DiM link!

      Looks like they did change that one doll's name from Bernard to Achernar. He sure is a cutie!!!:aheartbea
    12. I hope they release more information soon, as well as more pictures. I don't have plans to buy another doll at the moment, but I eventually want a brother for my Belita.
    13. I'm dying for new pictures of Bernard/Achernar. I've been in love with Chiwoo for quite awhile, but if I get him his eyes will have to be modded.... but this new boy has nice eyes. Now I'm worried haha
    14. Lucky for me Achernar isn't quite what I'd hoped for and doesn't come in BW haha I'm saved from adding an additional doll to the family. But does anyone have any idea where to get the black/blonde wig or glasses he's wearing the pics? They're just what 've been looking for!
    15. The Achernar is killing me. So pretty!!!!

      But I think its still hard to choose between Danbi and him. Oh. the pain!

      *sigh* not like I have the money right now anyway
    16. Bbjorn looks like someone I know. I don't know who, but he looks SO familiar it's nuts.

      Achernar is pretty awesome. I think it'd be a toss-up between him and Rain at this point as a brother for my Belita. This won't be any time soon, but I do like Achnernar's look.
    17. I know! I can't seem to put my finger on it either...
    18. Oooh, Achernar is beautiful. He'd make such a lovely girl... :) Now I need to find someone who wants a boy body...