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Doll in Mind Love boys - Lloyd and Andrea

May 15, 2007

    1. News thread here.


      What does everyone think of them? it does seem to be a different direction from their other molds.
      Im pretty intrigued myself when it comes to Lloyd, not so much about wanting him, moreso because of the fact that he bears a striking resemblance to that of Koodoll's Blue.

      koodoll database

      Does anyone else see it?
    2. Aha, I was going to post about them in the News today if no one else did XD

      I'm.. very torn about Lloyd. I like him a lot - more than Koodoll's Blue, definitely - but I'm not sure if I really want to own him XD; I might just get his head, and work from there if I do like him.
    3. I think that they are wonderful. I love their expressions.
    4. I'm in love with Lloyd, I definitely have to get him!
    5. I am adoring Andrea (my name, hehe)... and Lloyd's lips are Love. :D
    6. Can anyone post the pictures here? I've never been able to load DIM's website.. ;_;
    7. Here you go:

    8. Thank you! :D
    9. *O* Omg!! I must say I luv Andrea so much! <3!
      He's got this cute grumpy look! ^O^

      And eeerr..their not limited right? *_*
    10. I'm liking Andrea, though for me, the bridge of his nose would look better thinner. But that'd be an easy enough mod, I think.

      I love his eyes and his lips!
    11. I just fell completely head over heels for both! >,<
      Does anyone know if their heads would fit on a luts body??
      I'm tempted to just splurge and get Lloyd's head and use my spare Luts body for him . . .
    12. OK, am I the only wierdo who sees these wonderful androgynous faces as WOMEN? :o I think both of these heads would be fabulous done as girls. Certainly, women with a HELL of a lot of attitude, but very strong women.
      I don't know what kind of body to put them on, but I'm totally fascinated with both of them. Bought the heads, and will think about what else to do later. It's a start. And just think...barely a month ago I had no BJDs at all....
    13. :sweat I suck. I might order a Lloyd head tonight... (needhimtobemymidgetsatanistbrainsurgeon)
    14. I love them both! They look so badass! :lol:
      But Lloyd is so cute....I love his accessories! XD
    15. Lloyd does look simular to Koodoll but a bit softer in his features all around. I REALLY like him...will have ti give him sime thought. Hmmm :)
    16. i fall in love with Lloyd ^,^

      hope to see him soon in the gallery
    17. Ironically, I'm planning to get Lloyd because of the Koodoll thing XD
      I have a koodoll Blue who is *supposed* to have a younger brother in my plotline--Lloyd is *perfect* :D So yeah, you're not the only one who pounced on that resemblance! XD
    18. I love both of them (especially Andrea <3) but I don't think I'd ever buy one... I guess it's because their molds don't really lend well to different moods.
    19. How can I not love these two gorgeous boys :D
      but my piggy bank is crying :sweat
    20. I would love Lloyd as a girl!