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Doll in Mind Love - posing? does anybody have one?

Dec 2, 2005

    1. Does anybody have any of the new DIM bodies, do you have any insight on how they pose and stuff? Inquiring minds want to know!

      persia is gorgeous...:-D

    2. if you havent heard from anyone else yet, i will do a writeup over the weekend. ^^ [i cant do it right now, sorry!]
    3. I'm in no particular rush!! thank you so much for offering! we'll see if anybody else has anything to say too. thank you! :smile:
    4. I had a body for a couple of seconds, but a finger was missing and I had to ship it back. In those few seconds, the body seemed to pose pretty well, but I didn't try anything advanced.
    5. hopeful bumpity? anyone?:-)
    6. If you can wait until April, I can tell you then! XD

      Actually, I'm pretty curious about the posability too. Not that I'm *not* getting Kit a DIM body, but I'd like to know what to expect.^^
    7. Ok i'm back...sorry i took so long...well i'm probably not the best person to ask. i am crappy at giving body reviews.

      1.It stands [pretty much all i care about]
      2. He's sd10 in size. Oh and erm quite skinny [but sd10 is skinny right?]
      3. One thing that i found a bit disconcerting...VERY big hands. i dont know why. They are longer and skinnier than all my other dolls [volks sd13, cp, souldoll, customhouse] But i'm ok with them. Just afriad they will break that's all.
      4. Poseability....he has a jointed torso. i like that usually. if u dont utilise it, he doesnt sit up as well [but that's probably why he has a jointed torso]
      5. I'm uncertain about his ankle joints. They are kinda straight so one of the bodies left leg seems to be shorter sometimes. I gave it a bit of a sand and it was fine. didnt occur on the other body. So it might be a one-off thing.

      Overall, i say i like it [i guess i do since i have two and persia on the way].

      I'm sorry my review is so bad.
      Feel free to ask questions though~! ^^

      [sorry no photos as i am not used to taking naked photos of my dolls] <-- but if u want clothed pics of them, just let me know. ^^
    8. Thanks, this is just what I was looking for, you're awesome!! thank you!! interesting that you found him skinny. So I'm guessing that means, also, that he looks younger to you, I think THEY list him as being 15 years old? Just curious about his overall age appearance. This is wonderful - thank you-- :smile:
    9. well..i have volks sd10 clothing and he's a bit skinny even for those in the waist i found ^^;;;;;
      but i still really like him

      good weight as well ^^
      big feet [sd13 sized i feel]
    10. he sounds a little on the difficult to dress size. My friend Cynthia has a CH boy, and now I THINK CH boys are considered SD13 sized (yes?) so I bet the clothes she has for Pen, will be too big on this new guy. Luts boys are considered SD13 sized, too, is that right?

      (me = confused by boy sizes, clearly...)

    11. CH boys are actually taller than say..sd13 but long legged like CP boys.
      Yes those are sd13. CH boys have bigger feet [i used to have one] than sd13 boys. CP boys have sd13 FEMALE feet [smaller feet than sd13 volks boys]

      SD boys are always a little harder to dress if u want realy fitting clothes. But pants from CH are fine. i have a pair of khaki ones on him right now. A little bit loose [can put a finger in] but looks ok if u dont mind it that way.

      let me know if i can help in any other way.
    12. Oh, boy, it sounds like I have much more sewing to do. >.< Good to know he'll wear everyone else's shoes, though!

      And, yes, Sher...all those boys are all considered SD13 sized. I *think* that the only ones who make SD10 sized guys are Volks (obviously XD ), LovelyHouse, and apparently, DIM. (any others? Please, feel free to add them! ^^)
    13. ^-^ I'd really like pictures of the DIM hands? and torso shots would be quite nice too ~ I'm tempted by the Danbi head very much.. and am curious to see what he will look like on a DIM next to a Hound..

      Hound hands make me picky XD ~
    14. Bittenbefore - thankyou for the review!

      His body sounds a lot like the Soom bodies - they're SD13 in height, but SD10 in width, so SD13 clothes are a little big around the waist, and SD10 clothes are a little short in the leg. But I like the too-long sleeves and pants look, it's way cute on Griffyn ^_^ Griffyn has very long, thin hands, too.

      When is your Persia due? I'm dying to see more pics of him! *bounces* I so wish I could bring him home now!

    15. Thank you so much! I love him so. <3.
    16. cyphermage > they are Sd10 in height ^^ I've preordered persia and i dont think he's being shipped till...erm...mid january?? ^^ i'll take photos of all 3 of them of course
    17. ^-^' Are there any confirmations on the rumour that DIM resin might be a match for the SOOM bodies yet?
    18. Is Soom light?

      Lyn has a danbi head and she said among her bodies at home, that the best match SHE has is luts beauty white. so obviously DIM is light - I don't think it's WHITE like luts, but she did say that regular luts is much too dark in pretty much every way, so... ??

      I do think the DIM sculpts are all really gorgeous. They have so much character. I want a danbi girl.