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Update Doll In Mind Minimee service closed until further notice

Oct 4, 2011

    1. It appears Doll In Mind has had to close their Minimee service for the foreseeable future. This was posted on DIM's website 30Sept2011.

      Dear Customers,

      I am so sorry to tell you that we now close the minimee service for this year.

      This is because the cost of making minimee in Korea is very high.
      And we have many minimee heads delayed currently.

      Although we try our best, the schedule is still being delayed more than 2 months.

      The main reason was the rain and also many customers request multiple modifications.

      We tried our best, but we can't afford this service in this situation.
      That's why we close the service this year and we are not sure if we can reopen it next year.

      To customers who are waiting for their minimee

      We apologize for the delay. We are working very hard to send your heads as soon as possible.

      We are very sorry again.

      Best wishes,

      Denny / DIM DOLL