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Doll in Mind Minimee service has reopened

Feb 13, 2012

    1. Doll in Mind has reopened their Minimee sculpting service with new rules and new pricing. This notice was posted on Doll in Mind's site on February 12, 2012:

      "Dear Customers,

      Thank you for loving our minimee service.

      I have received many request e-mails to reopen the service.
      We have considered a lot and decided to reopen it.

      [How to order minimee & Price]

      - Minimee service(6pcs) : 800$
      The price of this minimee service includes 6 heads and no included shipping cost.
      For additional head : 70$ per head (Use option)
      Please send photos include : Various of angles of face.
      Important : Choose the main Expression of the face

      Email : nescot@paran.com

      EMS Fee(Shipping) :

      For individual shipping for 1pcs : 24$(USA),22$(Europe,Canada,Russia),19$(Australia), 16$(Asia)
      Once you place your order and send me shipping information.
      I will inform you the total cost by e-mail and your order will be numbered with minimee.
      Whatever you want to contact us for questioning, please use your minimee number.

      [New Rules]

      - Minimum order is 6pcs and no individual order is possible.
      - Preview of the sculpt period : 45days
      - Confirmation by customer period after receiving the preview : 10days
      ==>This is because sometimes we have to wait few months for just getting confirmation or modification data.
      - Casting period : 40days
      - Skin choice : You can choose normal & white in mixed number.
      - No additional casting is possible after 2 months
      P.S : We are developing new Love Bodies for male & female.
      This is about 80-90% sculpted.
    2. PLEASE remember that new topicness rules now apply to custom-manufactured heads -

      Specific rules for custom manufacturing
      • Start a new thread for each sculpt.

      • The organizer is responsible for submitting the final sculpt for approval on Den of Angels. See the forum criteria for more information on the submission process.