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Doll in Mind Persia and Persia Angel

Dec 21, 2006

    1. Oh. My. GAWD! I just saw Persia angel on Luts and I MUST have him!! But of course, he's $730 + shipping. :( So I just wondered if Persia Angel's face is any different than regular Persia? And can anyone tell me what size eyes he these yellow oes are?:

    2. I can't answer your question - just wanted to agree that he IS beautiful. I wanted him as soon as I saw him! But they say on the item page that neither those specific eyes nor the wig are included - it's the outfit, random eyes, and faceup if you choose to purchase that.

      It kind of turned me off from the idea, since what I'd want is exactly what's in that image. :aheartbea Not that I have $700 to drop on a doll anyway. :sweat
    3. Rofl! Yeah, I wasn't going to purchase him anyway. :sweat: I decided I absolutely LOVE Persia either way, and that I just want to know what size eyes he has. <3
    4. I can't see any differences between my normal Persia and the LE Angel Persia from the pictures. He is gorgeous isn't he? I was in love with Persia from the moment I saw him. :fangirl:

      FWIW, my boy wears 16mm eyes, and they look comparable in size (adjusting a little for differences in eye manufacturers) to the ones the LE Angel is wearing.
    5. Thanks tonisavestheday!! Persia has now been added to my wishlist as my dream doll. >w<
    6. Be careful. Persia is no longer being made by DIM. :...(

      So make sure you keep an eye out for him...

      I thought of the angel version as a twin to my boy, but with him not being made anymore I think I'm going to go for MNF Shiwoo twins...maybe...Persia IS a personal favorite of mine. :D

    7. Are you sure? He's still available on the DIM site.
    8. Yep. Unless they changed it.

      The below is a press release (from their site) listing the discontinued sculpts. There is also another thread about the event (but I'm to lazy to search for it).

    9. Yes, he is discontinued, so it's basically until they run out of the stock they have of him he'll be available, after that he'll be gone, with several other molds.
    10. Not trying to necro this thread, I promise.

      I just noticed DIM's announcement that they'll re-cast sold out dolls if enough people post to Q&A that they want one. Any Persia lovers out there want to join me in trying to get one of him?