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Doll in Mind - Persia

Dec 2, 2005

    1. oh my . . . goodness . . . :love

      going to japan, cannot afford another doll; going to japan, cannot afford another doll . . .
    2. ohhh he's soo cute!
    3. Oi, that's one PRETTY kid; I love his expression!

      *Carefully does not tell daughter about this, as dang kid already has 3 dolls (see sig!) and my pocketbook is rather flat these days...*
    4. I love his nose *^^* Cute boy~
    5. Oh, what a cutie! Faintly reminiscent of the F16 head? Or is that just me? Maybe an older Hewitt?
    6. I LOVE him :)
    7. mmmm agree he is lovely and also I did see a hint of F16 eeek bad news I promised myself and hubby no more dolls.... but he is fab...

    8. We are now accepting Preorders for January Delivery :)


    9. Damn hes a cutie <3 I love/hate the way DIM's dolls always look vaguely related. Makes me want to plan siblings for my Danbi >>; And yeah, he really does look a bit like F-16 ^^ I thought that too.
    10. Hello all!
      I just got this email from Doll in Mind. No pictures yet because their site has exceeded its bandwidth but I thought everyone might like to know! I am waiting for a Danbi and I can't wait to see what the new one looks like!

      Dear Customers,

      Hello, I hope you are well ^^
      I have a news for new doll called \"PERSIA\"
      Here is the information and I hope you like him ^^
      **Shipping will be at early Jan.2006

      Completed Doll(60cm) Persia with Face-up

      - Skin type : Normal Skin
      - Age : 15 years old(Male)
      - Wig : 9.4 inch
      - Height: 60cm
      - Eyes: 16mm Glass eyes
      - Circumference of Head :24cm
      - Circumference of Neck :10cm
      - Circumference of Bust : 24cm
      - Circumference of Shoulder : 8.5cm (including shoulder :11cm)
      - Circumference of waist 21cm
      - Circumference of Hip: 25cm
      - Foot size : 7.3cm

      - Completed Doll with Face-up
      - Wig(Black color with Short cut style)
      - Eyes(16mm Glass eyes/Color Grey)
      - Package Box
      - Cotton Blanket(to rollover doll)
      - Certificate

    11. Lovely! But I think we broke their site XD
    12. He reminds me of F16 a lot too... and that is a VERY bad thing. I swear, they're trying to kill us. I barely made it through Christmas shopping and Breakaway alive as it is!!! @_@
    13. Hm... he is handsome! ^^
    14. He is quite the cutie. *fans self*
    15. PRAYS!!! I want him in a MSD size PLEASE!! put my request in and make some dream boys with that kind of detail and a mature handsome body. Also some girls with the same kinda of detail for MSD sized girlfriends!!!

      I really love Mature looking faces in a smaller overall size. Rather than the typical younger faces that happens when companies create MSD sized dolls.

      I hope your company can do that I love your sculpts so much but have put a ban on more SD sized dolls as I just don't have the room for more.
    16. Is it possible to buy just the head? can the head fit on a Volks SD13 or SD body?

      Does the resin match do you know?
    17. yay. =) New DiM doll. Has a softer face than the others. It's a good contrast.
    18. uh oh, i see a brother for my danbi in the future
    19. So lovely~

      And yes he reminds me of F-16 too. And i only thought i would be too obsessed with F-16 :grin: