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Doll in Mind resin matching

Nov 2, 2005

    1. To those of you who were wondering, their resin doesn't match. DIMDoll resin is a little paler, and has a more yellow tint as compared to Luts' pink. I don't have any pictures yet, but I just wanted to give a heads up to anyone who bought a Danbi head.
    2. Thanks for the head's up! I was thinking about getting a Luts body for the Danbi head... Hmm. I'll be interested to see any comparison shots you can get. And also, any suggestions on what *would* be a good match? (Aside from the DiM's bodies, of course.) I think I read somewhere that Soom's bodies might be good?
    3. well does DIM produce their own bodies?

      ^ noob question

    4. They do.

      Check out: Dimdoll.com
    5. ok ditto that, juz wondering :D
    6. As for matches, I'm not really sure as I've only owned Luts dolls. XD;; But I'm guessing bodies that have a more yellowish cast to them, like Customhouse, maybe?
    7. i will be getting danbi (and a DIM body) soon so i will let you know how well the resin matches with a volks body since my Hugo is on a volks sd13 body.
    8. I was wondering about that, as I kinda like the Eunbi head, and was going to see how well it'd work on Lishe's body... *thinking Eunbi can be made feminine*

      Wouldn't it be nice if everyone used the same tone of resin *lol*
    9. Okay, the Danbi head is most certainly for SD bodies, not SD13. Not only does the resin not match, but the head come nowhere close to fitting. ^^;

      Sorry for the bad lighting, but it showed the color difference the best

    10. hi to answer the question about the resin color match.
      Eunbi will be well matched with Volk SD body.
      From Danbi 2nd production~ all dolls are produced in new factory and the color seems to be very well matched Volk SD body.
      So Eunbi will be good matched with SD(Volk)
    11. does anybody know what the match would be like between DIM and SOOM resin? if Eunbi would work on a SOOM girl body?
    12. I think DIM resin and Soom should work fine. Soom is a tiny bit pinker, I think, but the tone is pretty close.
    13. Which color for the SD Volk body? I really really want an EUNBI head but I don't want just a head - will the head match earlier Volks resin or newer resin?

    14. Having a Danbi head now, I can see that the resin is not a great match to Volks Pureskin. Isao is more yellow, and darker in general than Danbi. It is a *noticeable* difference. ^^; I'll try to take a comparison picture in a bit.

      I don't know how it would look with "oldskin" Volks resin, though.
    15. And how would it match with DoD resin? I'm thinking about the DoT boy body...
    16. Cristy put a danbi head on an sd13 girl body - fit looks AWESOME - the face does look a little paler than the body ...

      I was nagging Lyn to see how it matched with luts and she said that in her opinion, it matched bw luts better than it did regular luts, as the danbi head she has is quite fair.

    17. DOD resin is pinker.
    18. Okay.. So I couldn't find a thread that dealt with this specifically. .and I've heard a 101 different contradicting answers.

      Which body can I put my DIM Danbi head on? lol

      I took my little head to a doll meet and he matches Volks resin (pureskin) best of all.. but which body? SD10? Will he go on SD13?

      I know there is a DIM body.. but I'm really not fond of it.. and would really rather find a close match somewhere else - especially since there have been so many problems so far with DIM bodies.

      I also heard that SOOM resin might be a match.. does anyone have a SOOM boy body they could try their Danbi head one for me? Please? ^-^''

      Custom house maybe?


      Help please!

      Thank you

    19. Can't help, but I'd like to know, too...I preordered the Eunbi head (so she'd be from the 2nd resin batch too) and need a girl body for her! I may go the DD2 route for poseability. :)
    20. I heard that volks pureskin is a good match :)