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Doll in Mind silf

Jun 4, 2007

    1. Elena (I love her name!) is so beautiful. Her face seems so sweet and calm.

      But Silf. She's going to be the end of me! She has a very mischievious look to her. I'm very glad I saw the announcement!:D
    2. oh dear me! That little Silf is just too cute. :fangirl: Must save money...
    3. Oh !!!!!!!
      now I LIKE her ...she is gorgeous
      ...but I love Vanilla
    4. Ooh, cutie pie! She is definitely moving in!
    5. Denny said on the Elena discussion thread in the MSD section that they will be releasing 3 more Sweet dolls. I'm super excited for that!
    6. Silf is just too cute. I'm such a sucker for cattish uptilted eyes!
    7. oh no! I seem to have this thing for dolls with teeth - its such a weakness.
    8. Oh wow! Such a little cutie pie - with her tiny little teeth! :love
    9. AH! Three new in the 25 cm size?! Oh noooooeees!
      The sleepy Choseol is one of those who I would have loved to have had j3j
      I hope theres one like her!
    10. does she have vampire teeth? or is just the way the mouth is painted?
      (I hate this monitor)
    11. Those little elven eyes! *dead*

      If only she were a little bit taller, I might be more interested...I think I will hang out for the 25cm sweets...hehe...
    12. OMG! I just saw some real life preview pictures of little Silf. She is totally ADORABLE, tiny fangs and all! I can't post the pictures as they aren't mine, but she is a CUTIE! Want her sooo bad!

    13. She has fangs?! Tell us where to go to see these pics ^_^

    14. Now why oh why did I say to myself I had reached my doll limit and I didnt need any more .... not even 20 hours ago lol
    15. Click on the images on this site and you can see the fangs:


      I'm bummed, as she's adorable and would be a great match for my Vanilla, but I don't like the fangs.
    16. Fangs? those look like teeth to me.

    17. They are fangs
    18. Silf is cute, I order one for my friend Mina.
    19. Silf sure is one of the cutest tinies around!!

      Adores her!!!