Doll in Mind Sweet Girls

Sep 5, 2006

    1. 2 New D.I.M Sweet Girls
      Here are 2 new girls ^^
      Marigold and Eileen

      Marigold my personal favorite! the bodies look to have a leeke style?

      ** They are not limited


      Eileen below.


    2. oh they're so sweet x3 I'm sorely tempted
    3. ;__; so precious
    4. I saw those 2 little sweeties!!! Aaack I want both:)
    5. Berry cute, I love this size too.
    6. They are adorable. Any guesses as to what size clothing they will wear? Petite AI or similar? Will clothing made just for them be available?
    7. They look Leeke size to me so any YO clothes will fit.
    8. they look (to me) like child versions of their Odelia and Marianne. Eileen would be the child Marianne (looking at the eyes) and Marigold the child Odelia.

      I love my Odelia and Marianne.... so....
    9. they do look like the child versions! i like marigold
    10. What a cute belly button!!!
    11. how cute! they remind me of blue fairy
    12. i ordered Eileen the day she came out! I can't wait to get her! (I think mine'll be shipping end of this month. I'm so excited! And it's funny the comments about them looking similar to Marianne and Odelia... Marianne is the other dollie i want from DIM! They might end up being sisters. :)
    13. I love Eileens expression! Are they going to be released in batches or is this the only time? I'd like to see owner pictures before making my decision.
    14. Eileen has a cute, shy smile that I quite like. Marigold is really cute, too. I shouldn't be tempted by all of these little cuties! I like their slightly poochy tummy, too.
    15. I really like Marigold. Love her almost pouty expression. ;)
    16. I am very much enchanted with Eileen. Her sweetly delighted expression and those large, pretty eyes are reminiscent of my 8-month-old niece, Aurora. ^__^
    17. Yay!! I just ordered Marigold! I can't wait for her to get here! :)
    18. :o *stares at Marigold*

      *stares some more*


    19. I have a Marigold on layaway.. does anyone know for sure what size clothes work? Like if yosd for sure fits or any other options?
    20. The Yo's are shorter...There's a comparison in the stickied comparison thread at the top of this section. I'm not sure what people are having success with. There don't seem to be too many owners on the boards...:?