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Doll In Mind Sweet Trisha

Dec 5, 2011

    1. http://www.dimdoll.com/shop/step1.php?number=356

      Thought I would start a discussion thread for the new DIM doll in their Sweet line 'Trisha' because she has a different body and a very different head to the other DIM sweets!

      I really really like her, she reminds me of a Mark Ryden painting, I love the proportions and am interested in what others think she may fit etc.

      Eyes 16mm 18mm
      * Height : 29cm
      * Neck : 4.5cm
      * Bust : 11.3cm
      * Shoulder : 5.3cm
      * Weist : 9cm
      * Hip : 13cm
      * Foot : 3cm
      * Head : 22cm
    2. I like her too from what I have seen so far :-}
      Though I want to see owner pictures before I would think of buying.

      These are Yo-sd measurements I found on the den to compare for clothing!
      she is taller and skinnier than a yo, but at least the clothing would not be too small.

      Height: 26 cm
      Eyes: 14-16 mm
      Head cir. : 17.5 cm
      Bust/Chest: 14.5 cm
      Waist: 13 cm
      Hip: 15 cm
      Across shoulders: 7.5 cm
      Arms (w/hands): 9.8 cm
      Leg (from hip to foot): 13.5 cm
      Front neck to crotch: 10 cm
      Foot length: 4 cm
    3. I was thinking she might be a similar size to a Soom Mini Gem but I was far off thinking! Mini Gem which is around the Barbie/ Obitsu 1/6 size would be too small by two or three cms on each measurement.
    4. In the picture her body looks a lot like a Blythe body, though it must be a little taller, and probably therefore just slightly larger all around. It would be quite exciting, though, if she could fit Blythe clothes!
    5. Here you go blythe, found on internet:
      Looks like they would be too small.

      Waist- 6.5cm
      Bust - 8.5cm
      Waist to knee - 6cm
      Waist to ankle - 8cm
      Shoulder to waist - 5cm
      Shoulder to knee - 8cm
      Shoulder to ankle - 11cm
      Length of arm (outer) - 4cm
      Length of underarm - 3.5cm
      Inside leg - 7.5cm
    6. Seems like she would be close to a Pullip 2nd body or Pullip in general?
    7. eeeeeeps she is amazing!!! I just ordered her <333
      Also I totally agree about her looking like a Mark Ryden Character, that is what drew her to me! I will post loads of photo's for you all once she makes her way home :)
    8. Look forward to it poordittums :) If I could afford her I would be getting her right now, I love her style and the Mark Ryden look, shes amazing!
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