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Doll in Mind - Torudoll line! Arin & Karon

Sep 26, 2008

    1. [thread=245609]Link to News thread.[/thread]

      I can't believe this isn't up yet!
      Its great that DIM is working on a new body that looks like it might work better for their minimee heads, but either way, I want Karon! He's one brooding hottie!

      I can't wait to see the rest of the line!
    2. Karon reminds me so much of Volks Amakusa--- he has that sex appeal!~
      The body is very nice, too! :)
    3. I'm in love with Arin. :aheartbea
    4. KARON.
      as though I need another doll crush, right.
    5. Arin is freakin' adorable! Such a puppy dog face, a total heart stealer! :aheartbea

      I just don't know what to do with my doll plans anymore! :...(
    6. The sculpts are in true DIM spirit! Very beautiful.
      The knees look really well jointed.
      Sadly... I'm having trouble to see what good the joint at the hip could actually do? Had it been lower and the upper part more rounded maybe...
    7. Arin is so cute! He has a face that, everyday when you came home, you'd just have to play with him. His "kicked-puppy" look is unavoidable! :aheartbea

      :XD:he did sorta mess up my plans for "circus" themed dolls... until i thought, He'd make the cutest lil' sad clown ;) (runs off to update wishlist)
    8. Arin would make a great sad clown~
      I think the body reminds me of the iplehouse ones. If it poses that well, there shouldn't be any performace problems with posing!
    9. Hi ^^

      The body poses well and personally the joint is excellently well joined.


    10. i was so lucky as a dealer to be able to see pictures of the new line and i can't wait to get my website back up and running!

      Karon looks like an angry powerful warrior type or an evil character and Arin looks so wistful and pretty <3__<3
    11. I would totally like to have Karon as a girl, so I could make a Integra Hellsing out of him >___<°
    12. Karon sorta reminds me of Jean Grey from the xmen movies XD
    13. ooo yeah, when the Phoenix takes over an she's all RAWR!
    14. Hmm...in Karon I see a realistic Draco Malfoy :sweat

      Go fig!

      *Sigh*...yet another to add to my I-swear-I-won't-go-past-2 list.
    15. They're beautiful. I wonder if they are broader in the shoulders than the Love body?

      It would be nice if they were.
    16. I am totally in love with Karon. He is on my wishlist. He is a devilish handsome chap!
    17. Oh yes, I agree that Karon looks like a powerful warrior! Well spoken! :) Does anyone own Karon yet? I am interested in seeing photos of him!
    18. oh~ DIM is selling the heads separately now! *______* karon is going on my wishlist. I want his head for sure <3