New Doll Doll in Mind Violetta

May 24, 2017

    1. New 1/4 size head Violetta was released!
      She has option elf ear parts.
      Head size : About 18.3cm
      Face up is available(but the eyelashes are not included)​

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    2. I didn't see where you can choose skin tone, but it seems to me as if they show a white skin and a normal skin. Does it come in different options?
      Any close-up of the elf ears as well?
    3. Great to see DIM back! Which body is recommended for her?
    4. @whisperwolf and @bajib the person who posted this is not from Doll In Mind, just another DoA member like yourselves. If you have any questions about this doll, you will have to go to the Doll in Mind Q&A board.
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