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Doll is just collecting dust.

Sep 3, 2016

    1. I purchased a full set impldoll Iris for a character I had in mind. Was so inspired when I saw her online then when she got here the inspiration was gone. No matter what I have done I just cant get into this doll. I have had her for almost a year and all she does is sit in the cabinet naked collecting dust. I feel as if she is just sitting there taking up space yet there is nothing I can do with her. Does anyone have any suggestions?
    2. My understanding is a new face/wig/eyes/ect is always a good way to go with a doll you're not bonding with.

      If you really just can't bond, you can always sell her. I'm in that boat myself lol.

      Good luck
    3. Sell her. I bought a doll I was over-the-moon about getting but the company sent it in the wrong color of skin choice. I sent it back and was told they couldn't 'locate' my doll. By the time I finally got her, the romance had dissipated. I thought maybe with time I would lose the sour taste in my mouth from the transaction but it's been over a year. Sadly, I'm thinking of now selling her.
    4. Unfortunately, I'd sell her. The same feelings arose for me with two dolls I had. One was for a doll that I really wanted and stil like but the super long wait time for my order just killed my excitement and I wasn't able to separate the feeling from the doll. It was the right thing to do. I also no longer order from that company!

      The second time I tried to give my first BJD a new look hoping that it would make me love her again. I commissioned a face done by a well known BJD face up artist and it was truly gorgeous. I had even had her add several piercings. On a doll that I was totally in love with my money would've been well spent. But try as much as I could the doll no longer fit my aesthetic. I was able to trade her for a doll that I love but I lost a lot of money in the process.

      Good luck with your decision!
    5. I would also sell her, if you have tried various wigs, eyes, clothes of various styles and nothing has made you bond with the doll. I had the same with CP Breakaway. I was so much in love with the sculpt, even now I still find it to be one of the prettiest ones out there, however when I got the doll myself I felt as though I had been dropped in a large basin with cold water. No matter what I did I just couldn't make him fit the characters I had in mind and eventually I ended up selling him.

      I often look at breakaways and wonder why I couldn't bond with mine since I still really love the them, but I am not going to try a second time.
    6. Does anyone have any suggestions?[/QUOTE]
      I would sell her either I bond with a doll or not, when I try to force myself i realize it is ridiculous and there is nt reason to keep something taking up space
    7. I've had a couple dolls arrive that I was in love with on the company site but felt nothing for when they showed up. I even still thought they were pretty, but it was like I had bought someone else's doll, not a doll for me.
      I sold them.
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    8. Do any of your friends collect BJD's? Maybe you could make a story or a pair of characters involving this doll? You make come to love her through sharing this experience with another person.

      But if there is no magic, I'd sell her.
    9. What if you got her a new faceup? I never like default faceups no matter how much I liked them in photos. I have changed every single doll I have owned face. I often fall madly in love with them. But if after you still don't love her then sale/trade the doll for something you like better. Selling is a pain so I'd op for the face up first. IMO
    10. I never have that problem.
      I think it might be because I paint all my doll's faces and then I get to know them. I find out new things about my dolls every time I play with them.
    11. yeah I'm not bonding with her at all. she's just taking up space on the shelf

      yeah selling has to be the thing to do. I stepped away from her for a while and still nothing

      I would sell her either I bond with a doll or not, when I try to force myself i realize it is ridiculous and there is nt reason to keep something taking up space[/QUOTE]
      yeah I'm going to look into selling her. I want her gone so bad I'm going to sell her with her full set plus throw in some extra clothes just so the buyer knows there purchase is worth it if they want her
      #11 glynjay, Sep 4, 2016
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    12. yeah I'm going to look into selling her. I want her gone so bad I'm going to sell her with her full set plus throw in some extra clothes just so the buyer knows there purchase is worth it if they want her[/QUOTE]
      good luck and you might want to wait until you get a marketplace so you can sel her to someone here that you know will love her or maybe trade her for a doll you love
    13. I've sold lots of dolls, with just a twinge of guilt, and it's always a relief to see the back of them if I can't bond with them, although my impatience to get rid of them once I've decided to means I've sold them for far less than they're worth, and I regret that much although don't regret selling them per se. So just pack her up in a box and take your time if you're not desperate for the money - I do regret practically giving away some lovely and valuable dolls, just because I wasn't in love with them - ugh the money I have wasted.

      I have TRIED to sell both the one in my avatar, a year or more ago, and my other big impldoll/akagi hybrid girl more recently. Both times I took the pics etc but was unable to list them for sale, because it just felt WRONG - there's no logic in love! Even though I wasn't crazy about them, I knew I couldn't part with them, so they are keepers - you will know when it comes to listing her, if she's really for you or not.
    14. I think most of us have been there. When you have to choose a doll based on photographs, sometimes it just feels different when you have it in your hands. It's always okay to let go and move on to something that makes you happier.
    15. If I feel like it might be worth investing a little more just to make sure (new eyes, or a new faceup for example before selling the doll), then I would try that. Some dolls that have passed through my hands were limiteds that I might not be able to get back easily once sold, so I always take that into consideration. If it would make me happier to sell the doll and buy a different one or use the funds for something else, I know it's time to put it up for sale.
    16. Have you tried searching for images of Impldoll Iris at Google, Flickr, Tumblr, etc. to see what face ups / eyes / wigs other owners of this doll have given her? This might help you see her in a different light and inspire you once again.
      #16 Gothico, Sep 4, 2016
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    17. Sometimes, a new faceup, wig, character and clothes will fix the problem. Sometimes, it won't.

      I've been in this situation many times. It even happened with one of my grails, and after sinking more than $1000 into that doll to try to make it work, I ended up regretting spending so much, and losing most of it when deciding to finally give up. If you really believe you can't make it work, it's best to let the doll move on, no matter how heartbreaking it may be to give up the dreams you once had. The longer you force it and the more time and money you sink into it without good results, the more it's going to hurt in the long run.