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DOLL LEAVES 1/3 girls Discussion thread

Oct 21, 2011

    1. Haven't seen anyone post this thread yet. So I decide to make one.

      Doll Leaves always has the fantasy style. The new twins SD girls Catherine and Jacqueline are into that style too. Maybe not everyone are into that. But I really think it is beautiful. Now I am waiting for their release on nude body and post ability pictures so that I can decide to have one or not.

      Welcome more Doll Leaves lovers join here.
    2. I really like the faces of them but I'm really not sure about the outfits. I'm glad they are coming out with larger girls <3. I'm waiting on my 44cm from them, she should be her monday!

      I'm tempted to get one of the 1/3 girls but I'm having to watch my money.
    3. I'm on the fence about their big girls. While I have loved all their sculpts these aren't doing much for me. I think it might help to see them without faceups but for now I'll wait for future sculpts.
    4. Welcome for all the great opinions.

      We will come out new SD girls soon.
    5. Oh, is the nude body girl head a new SD girl? She is beautiful. Can't wait to see her.
    6. I think the head mold on nude body pictures are really nice. But not very clear yet. Will be waiting XD
    7. Doll Leaves are beautiful, and I'm really curious about the 1/3 girls. I like girl dolls best, and the Doll Leaves girls have beautiful faces.
    8. IzabethS, Yes, I agree with you.
      I think their dolls are elegant. Their express way for the dolls are all elegant, especially the girls. :)
    9. Okay, so anyone else REALLY want the sleeping Jax ;w;!!!!!! <3~
    10. Sleeping Jax is really lovely. I hope I can get one. I am thinking how to save money for this special X'mas Event. :)
    11. I am absolutely in love with Daphne. Will she be this year's Christmas/Anniversary/Birthday gift? I think she may be.
    12. Bailey is so awesome! I usually don't like dolls with teeth but for some reason...with their awesome face up...She is just amazing!
    13. Animethemed- I agree I love that face up, she is really beautiful
    14. Well, I am in love with Bailey too. She looks like my idea of Alice in Wonderland. I also like Noir..so think I will be purchasing soon. Trying to decide if I choose DL face-up. I love their Bailey face-up but always afraid that the face-up on my doll might not be quite as shown in photos. I purchased Vivian and had the face-up done by Jay Searle. So I am not sure what to do...
      Think I have posted Vivian before but here she is again: I adore her! oops not 1/3 size..but an idea of face-ups.

    15. Hi everyone. I recently stumbled by accident on a link to doll leaves and saw their new girl Baily. I am quite taken by her, especially with that default face up. It's just beautiful. I never purchased any doll leaves dolls before so this is a new area to me. All of my SD girls are SOOM with big hips and big boobs and therefore most clothes wouldn't fit (their 65 cm, btw). So I have a few questions for those who are willing to answer...
      Are they single or double jointed?
      What do you think of the poseability? What issues have aroused, etc
      Do they fit into SD13 clothes or are they hard to clothe?
      What is your favorite skin tone by them and why.
      What wig size do they seem to fit the best?
      Lastly, I really love the default face up of Baily but normally do face ups myself. How is the quality of doll leaves face ups? Do you find them to match the promo pictures?

      I'm sorry for al the questions but I really like to research my dolls before I buy.
    16. lol looks like I'm not the only one who has fallen for Bailey's squee worthy face will probably be ordering her in the next few days. Oh I do have a question about the white skin is it like paper white or more a cream white?
    17. I second this. I love WS but when it's a CW. I decided to take the plunge and order her too even without all questions answered. I emailed the company to request skin tone comparison shot as I have to decide quickly what skin tone to choose!
    18. Ok so I heard back from doll leaves. I uploaded the picture they sent me of WS versus NS and I was told by Somone here on DOA that it is a more creamy white than a paper white. Also, Bailey & Noir promo pics are in NS. Here's their pic they sent:
    19. well I took the plunge and started a layaway for bailey in ws and the noir had in ns I'm going to name Bailey Misery and Noir Nyx now to sit back and wait for my income tax check so I can pay off the layaway early and get all of her stuff together before she gets here
    20. I just received Bailey & the Noir head today. I hope others read that the heads are 23cm - very very large. Bailey’s body is slight of figure (like Vivian - which I love) but when you place the large head on this slight of figure (and I was shipped large breast - I think - instead of small breast ordered) it is badly out of proportion. I know that some collectors rather like that look but unfortunately I am not one such collector. Just thought I would post photo so you can decide for yourself. We all see dolls differently so it may just be me! :(