Doll Leaves 16cm BB's Discussion

Apr 26, 2010

    1. Oh you have got to be kidding!:XD: These are just the cutest little things ever!:aheartbea I can't believe how expressive and ridiculously adorable they are:D Oh, if only the body were chubbier they would be absolutely perfect for me! I do just love those faces though and the price is right!
    2. I think DangDang is my favorite :D I agree, if they made the bodies chubbier it would match their faces better!
    3. :horror: All I can see when I look at these is Monchichi.
    4. I wish they made a chubby baby body to fit the face. If they did I would have plan to buy one.
    5. These little guys are so funny! I actually like their skinny bodies with their giant heads, I think it adds to their charm and quirkiness ^__^
    6. I wish the bodies would be even skinnier and a bit shorter. It'll be really comical and cute.
    7. I need DingDing
    8. I like Dingding too... especially unpainted, the sculpting is so very "antique japanese doll" like a Gosho Ningyo!
      I like the odd proportions, too.

    9. DINGDING! Oh, gosh, I'm in love. But I love the others, too. They are killingly cute.
    10. This thread will be temporarily locked while the Moderators consider these dolls for on-topicness :daisy
    11. The Moderators have decided Doll-Leaves Dolls are on-topic :)
    12. has anyone seen a pic of them without clothes ? - I would like to know what their bodies look like. Thanks
    13. Hi, Monsoon:D If you go to and look at the option parts section for the 16cm Angels you will see the nude body for sale. I'm sorry I can't link you properly, I'm on a shared work computer and it feels the need to block the Doll Leaves site so I can't get there. Its genderless and quite thin compared to the chubby faces.
    14. thanks so much Mitya - now I know what everyone meant when they said it would have looked better with a chubby body. They do have the cutest faces though!
    15. AW I LOVE Dingding and Dangdang I think they would make such adorable twins :) <3
    16. Oh my gosh, I thought I would never want a tiny tiny but Dingding is the most delightful thing ever!
    17. how impressed am I ...Ive just bought DingDing off Ebay THEY SAID SHPPMENT IN 3 DAYS ...COOL!
    18. My sis in law just told me she bought ding and dang for me!! now to come up with names for them!!
    19. Oh my gosh, I love Ding Ding. I purchased off eBay and should have this little cutie next week. So exciting!!