Event [Doll Leaves]2016 Spring Festival Event & New 1/4 boy Jeremy

Jan 26, 2016

    1. DOLL LEAVES 2016 Spring Festival Event

      Time: 25th Jan 2016 ~ 1st Mar, 2016

      Content: (Choose one from two options)

      Purchasing any DS basic Dolls during event time

      ( special editions and shipping fee are not included)

      1. get 15% off discount for basic doll

      ( makeup and accessories are not included);

      2. will get 50% off for the 2nd doll (same size or smaller size doll)

      ( makeup and aceesories not included) ;

      We just released new 1/4 boy Jeremy:

      Thank you very much for your love and support to Doll Leaves.

      Happy New Year

      Doll Leaves Team
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    2. I tried checking the site but couldn't find the information, could you please tell me what size eyes and wig Jeremy takes? And his height? Thank you so much and sorry if it's on the site and I just missed it :)
    3. Hello, I'm interest too in these informations. I didn't find it either. ^ ^
      Is it possible to find somewhere pictures of the nude head ?
      Thank you ~
    4. Do you plan on selling Jeremy's head separately eventually?