Doll Leaves 26cm Discussion

Nov 8, 2010

    1. I'm actually quite happy to see them release a doll in this size :D I'll probably be the one posting the pictures of the body when they come out.. >w< Just from photos though they look fairly thin.. I'd say something similar to SOOM/FDoll by the looks of them.. :D

      Safa is my personal favourite of the Two out. She looks like a snowflake princess~
    2. Oh, I'm also very excited about the new size:D I love both sculpts but I have to say Safa is winning right now;) I look forward to seeing the body. I hope it will be chubby but I don't mind a thinner body. I look forward to seeing it either way!
    3. a slightly chubbier body could be really cute >w< Since they're kinda rounded as far as faces go :D I'm wondering about their joints mostly
    4. I'll definitely be getting a Safa... She's just too adorable and this sale is excellent!
    5. I added blank Body shots fpr everyone they have blank head shots on the site too
    6. Thanks, hun! The body looks excellent, I'm super excited!
    7. Oh I'm so excited about the body! Thanks for posting the pictures!

      Dan is so stocky and chunky and ooh I wanna get my hands on him, lol! I love it! I'm excited to see the blank heads too. I've almost got the money now for the Xmas offer of 2 for 1 and I'm going to get two Dan's, one white and one NS. I'm actually bouncing in my seat with excitement! Wheeee!

      ETA: Does anyone know how much shipping would be for two of them to the UK?
    8. My husband says he'll loan me the remainder of the cash and we'll order Dan (x2) tonight!

      Does anyone know what eye size they are?

      I have the other measurements if you're interested:

      Head Circa: 16.50CM
      Neck Circa: 6CM
      Shoulder Width: 8CM
      Arm Length( to Wrist): 8.50CM
      Breast Circa: 14CM
      Waist Circa: 13CM
      Hip Circa: 14.50CM
      Leg length(to ankle): 11CM
      Foot Length: 3.5CM
    9. I am not quite sure about shipping to the UK, But I am pretty sure most of the default eyes that go into their dolls are 16 or 14mm.. But smaller for the angel size of course
    10. Yeah I thought maybe 14mm.

      Five hours until my husband gets home and he can order the dolls for me, I'm getting so excited!
    11. Are you getting them with Faceup, or are you going to do them? :D
    12. I'm going to do my own face up, one has to be a girl (sorry Dan) so I need a masculine face and a feminine face. Been drawing on a picture of the blank head for practice, hehe!

      I have to send an email to Doll Leaves with the order, which I'm doing now and hopefully they can get back to me either today or tomorrow with the shipping cost. I've asked that they be put in one box if possible because it might keep the shipping costs down.

      Hubby has the paypal account so I have to do it through him. He'll be home late tonight so maybe Doll Leaves can get back to me tonight but Hong Kong are 8 hours ahead of me so maybe it will be tomorrow but at least I can get the order in, even if I have to wait til tomorrow to get the money paid to them.

      These guys will be my first full dolls! I have a D.Skull but no body for him so this is great for me. I'm so glad Doll Leaves could do this offer.
    13. Haha I'm sure you'll hear back from them tonight knowing the sales team ;D

      and awe! Yanno When I first was shown DAN as a sculpt not even in resin yet I thought he looked like a girl! XD :D I can't wait to see the faces you give them
    14. Awww poor Dan, I always think he looks very masculine. I've had a devil of a time trying to make him a girl on paper. I hope it'll be easier when I have him/her in my hands!
    15. Awe XD haha <3 I think if I owned a dan personally i'd open the eyes a smidge and maybe mod the fangs off and build up the lips a little more X3
    16. No not the fangs! I love the fangs! I NEED the fangs! lol!
    17. Hahah XD Hmn I kinda like vampire fangs but I don't like ones that protrude so much. I think if I kept them they'd have to be softened and set into the mouth a little more.

      I think Safa could be a cutie as far as mod-to vampire <3
    18. I was hoping that Safa was gonna be a vampy when I saw you'd put her in the news thread. Her eyes are too wide for my liking but she's ultra cute.
    19. Two Dan's bought and paid for! Just waiting now, waiting... waiting... :)