Doll Leaves 60cm Boys Discussion

Apr 26, 2010

    1. I was just looking at the 60cm boy body on their website. The style of the torso looks familiar to me. It looks much like one of the Angell Studio 70cm boys' torsos, except that it is the smaller size.

      Are they associated with Angell Studio?
    2. DOLL LEAVES are not associated with Angel Studio. DOLL LEAVES joints design and torso shape are totally different from AS. :-)
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    5. I love Ben, he looks so cute and exotic. i wonder if its the dark hair and eyes?
    6. Always good to see new companies emerge, will keep an eye on these dolls.
    7. yes I have compared the two as well and I tend to agree with you . very much the same.
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    9. The Only Similarity i see of the Bodies is right in the upper part of the torso, The back details and other parts to the body are more detailed than the AoD ones.

      Either way The styles of the torsos remind me of CPR Dummy dolls

      Edited too ;D.
    10. I love their 60cm body, is the most beautifull ones in that scale!
    11. I'll be able to give a better judgement on them hopefully in a week or so, I've got one of the boys coming.
    12. OMG silvermasques who did you get?
      I really considering this body for my Souldoll Iso head :aheartbea, just need to save more funds *_*
    13. I've got a Ben coming home :aheartbea and we're actually keeping his name Ben. It's pretty fitting and my fiance and I have a bit of a Joke with the name Ben so it makes us happy all 'round.

      The Doll-leaves bodies come in 2 colours right now a White and Normal skin and if it helps you to know their resin colour matches that of Dollzone. so White -> White and normal -> Normal Pink
    14. Ben is is the best looking and why not to keep name when its funny XD

      Their white matches Dollzone white?

      That is really great news!!! :fangirl:

      I was afraid their white could be paper or pinky white >_<.

      I really hope Ben comes soon, Id love to see posing report! :D
    15. Heheh I like Ben and Lang so much, I'll eventually add lang to my home too or wait to see the newer boys they come up with.

      Yes =D They match very well :aheartbea

      I've got a tracking # on him so I hope it'll be here very soon!
    16. Very nice, the Iso head will match yay!

      Yay for tracking I cant wait!

      I also like Mortin (I have to giggle at the name every time - he looks kinda evil, so the name is like Mortius and Martin cross LOOL)
    17. Mm Mortin is a lovely one too the faceup they show on him is just lovely too, a little crazy with eyeliner ;D <3 But there is nothing wrong with that.

      I am itchin to get my hands on a Lang, but I also am dying to see the new dolls they're planning on coming out with <3 Ugh so exciting
    18. I got my Doll-Leaves Ben Home today!

      He's gorgeous <3 His promo pictures are lovely but dont do him enough Justice

      Benjamin's Box Opening <3
    19. Oh, awesome!

      But the most important thing... how does he pose?? That body looks like it should pose very well, but looks have deceived me before... ^^;