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DOLL LEAVES BIG Xmas Event for You

Nov 5, 2010

    1. [FONT=宋体][​IMG][/FONT]

      [FONT=宋体]As a new BJD brand,DOLL LEAVES, Would like to let people have the chance to become more familiar with our dolls.We will be having a BIG sales event to celebrate our first Christmas Day. This is the ONLY ONE CHANCE. We will not arrange this kind of promotion ever again.[/FONT]

      [FONT=宋体][FONT=宋体]a) Order 12CM to 26CM nude doll, will gift one same size or smaller size nude doll (choose by you) (white and Normal skin only, (DAN)tan skin add skin color fee). [/FONT][/FONT]

      [FONT=宋体][FONT=宋体]b) Order DOLL LEAVES 60cm body, will gift 60CM nude head (choose by you)(Normal and white skin only, mortian tan skin add skin color fee) and one pair of jointed hands;

      [FONT=宋体]TIME: 5 Nov 2010 [/FONT]–[FONT=宋体]-- 30 Dec 2010[/FONT]

      [FONT=宋体]Remarks: [/FONT]
      [FONT=宋体]1: Accessories and faceup are not included in this event;[/FONT]
      [FONT=宋体]2:Shipping charge is not included in this event;[/FONT]
      [FONT=宋体]3: Place orderbefore 30 Nov, DOLL LEAVES make sure parcels will be shipped out before Christmas.[/FONT]

      [DS agents will begin to accept orders now.]


    2. Question, please! If I order my doll with face-up, will the free doll also come with face-up or do I pay for a face-up for it?
      Thank you!
    3. Falcongirl, the gift doll will be nude doll. Need to pay faceup fee separately.
    4. How do you place an order with Doll Leaves? Do we email you?
    5. Can we choose just the size for the gift doll, or the mold that we want as well? ^^ (For instance, if I order a nude Fay, can I choose another Fay?)
    6. You can email me or buy from DOLL LEAVES Ebay shops. Also doll leaves international agents also begin to accept orders now^^
    7. You can choose the size and mold. If you order a nude Fay, you can choose any 20cm mold or smaller size mold(16cm or 12cm)
    8. If I choose two Dan dolls (which I adore) could I choose one in normal skin and one in white?
    9. Yes you could choose between both skintones
    10. will usa/canada retailers be running this promotion as well? like junkyspot or featherfall?
    11. I don't know about Them, But HeartstringSerenade is. and we're a US Dealer, but I would think that all of the Doll Leaves Agents will be Participating. You could e-mail them if you're unsure. Hope that helps some :D
    12. Hi, YES. All dealers are runnning this event. You could contact them directly. ^^
    13. This is an amazing event! And makes for some great Christmas presents...
    14. Yes, http://www.featherfall.ca (Featherfall) is running it as well. All the details should be up on the site!
      As for the questions we have received - yes, they are applicable for the Free Shipping promotion, but no faceups are included.
    15. Just double checking... but... shipping charge not included? That can't possibley mean free shipping, can it? I'm just being dense, right?
    16. It means the Shipping charge is not included in your purchase price..
    17. Just remember with the free doll event you're still paying shipping on BOTH dolls but you can ask to have them both shipped in one box instead of separately.