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Doll Leaves Elf Doll --Xavor

Jul 23, 2010

    1. I didn't see anyone post this yet. He is such a beautiful doll. Anyone is going to order him?

      He is on my wish list. But I wish to know more about him first.

      So , guys, post your discussion here. :lol:
    2. Don't know if I would get him, but he does look very interesting :]
      Personally, I didn't like his lips when I first saw him ^^" But maybe that's because he had face-up? o__o But I do enjoy how he looks blank.
    3. Oh , really? in the opposite way, I love his lips. The lips make him look so attractive to me^^
      I also like his nude head. But the faceup is so special. I think if I order him, I will require to default faceup also. XD
    4. I plan on buying him next month. I love him! I've been looking for a specific sort of elf boy, and I think he'll be just perfect. :)
    5. I think I am very impressed with this doll. I am considering him given the nice price. I emailed the company and they will do a reasonable layaway.
      My only request was for more pics of the doll without all the flowers covering the outfit.
      I would also like to see nude pics of the doll.
      The faceup is really nice and I like the wig alot.
      I think I will prolly give this doll and company a try. The only thing holding me back is seeing the doll body nude and its posability.
    6. Thanks for the link.. I think I really like this doll. Has anyone here purchased any of their products? I think I will give them a try.
    7. I saw Xavor for the first time today and my mind screamed at me "That is the most beautiful thing I've seen in my life!"
      Unfortunately it'll be a very long time before I'm able to get him, since I just bought my first doll the other day. I hope I get to see more pics of him while I'm waiting ^_^
    8. Unseenstars, yeh, I agree with you. He is really beautiful. ^^
      I emailed the company about the outfits. They told me they will release more pictures about it. ^^ I am just waiting for that.
      I am wondering whether anyone has got him already. Really want to see some shots from someone.