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Doll Leaves Germany Agent Sales promotion

Jul 29, 2010

    1. Hello, everyone,

      Doll Leaves Germany representative : LL PUPPE has established.

      Clients from Germany order from LL PUPPE before 30 August 2010, will receive dolls with free shipping.

      Details please email llpuppe@yahoo.de .

    2. Do they have a site?
    3. Azraelita, The Germany agent website is linked with their official website: www.doll-leaves.com .
    4. Thanks Ganemen :whitetruffle, Im just wondering is there any feedback for this dealer:?? I dont like to order from someone I dont know :sweat.

      Edit: Ive read they leave Doll-Leaves send the dolls directly from China to us, this dont make any sense ordering from this german dealer then, because we'll have to pay not only customs but also extra handling fees :/ (Happens with all dolls coming from China, thanks to GDSK).

      Normally if we have german dealers we order from then to avoid those fees named above...

      Well pitty...