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Doll Leaves - Jointed hand promotion! 60cm

Jun 5, 2010

    1. Doll Leaves has some new products, and is having a special promotion

      Along with the new photos of BEN, they've also updated the Photos of LANG who is also sporting the new jointed hands in his promotional pictures!.

      We're also happy to Announce there will be a release of a New 60cm Elf sculpt coming very soon!! More information about his release when given to us will be updated!!

      The new jointed hands will be added to Heartstring Serenade later tonight.

      Jointed Hands:



      questions can also be sent to:
    2. Here is a preview of the new 60cm Elf Sculpt soon to be released by Doll Leaves!

      His name is "XAVOR"