Doll Leaves Mini [45 cm] Discussion part 3

Dec 22, 2014

    1. This is a discussion for DollLeaves Minis.

      Here's a DollLeaves photo request thread if you wish to add owner pictures of your DollLeaves.

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      Doll Leaves mini discussion part 3:
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    2. [​IMG]
      new thread spam! just something to get the ball rolling :XD:
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    3. [​IMG]

      I thought I could share my boy Vivian too ! :) In my humble opinion it's a real heart melting sculpt. Such a pity that nowadays I rarely able to see other's Vivians.
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    4. Yayyy, finally got my new Vivian ws girl I got for Xmas finished as my sweet little ghost! Her name is Marietta and I'm in love with her, lol : D


      I got the Royal head with her for the holiday event, and decided to do a hybrid with a mirodoll 1/4 body (pretty decent resin match actually) to be Ellonwye, my ancient and somewhat grumpy but loveable fairy girl. She still needs wings and shoes, but haven't found the right ones, yet...


      I'm very happy with them!
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    5. rapidshehamster Marietta looks so adorable! I also love the idea that she is a ghost, turned out well! ^^
    6. TYSM : )
      I'm very pleased with her, she's such a delicate sculpt it perfectly suits the image I had in mind!
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    7. hoooyaaaa~~ im so considering goin fishing for the sleeping Amara limited, i absolutely love her... and i already got a bigger grey skin boy from doll leaves, wich will be her big bro if i decide to get her :I hnnngh..what to do...ive been lookin at her since release >_>
      Did any1 here grab a limited amara?^^
    8. Aww, I ordered a regular ws Amara for my friend for xmas and did a faceup for her, that is the cuuutest sculpt - I can only imagine how enchanting she is in gray skin - good luck!
    9. My little male Vivian arrived at the end of the christmas holidays - he's adorable! (I also got a Wish head but the Vivian definitely owns this body)

      Um I'd heard that the MSD boy fits Slim Mini clothes (and yea I've tried out some of my generic MSD stuff and it's way too big) but I'm really struggling to find stuff in the style I'm after - do any of the companies like Nine9 style etc. fit?
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    10. Image no longer available
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    11. Hello there~ T u T
      I hope it's okay that I ask this question here - I thought I'd try even though the thread doesn't seem that active.
      how long does it typically take for a wheat skin doll leaves sculpt to ship? I ordered my doll seventeen weeks ago, and I'm just curious how long it took for your wheat skin dolls to arrive?

      also, I'd love some tan doll spam if anyone has the time to share their dolls ♥
    12. im no expert on this.. but may i ask where u bougth the dollie from?:) that migth be a reason its taking so long
    13. daepus;
      Oh! I'm so sorry, I should have mentioned that in my first post. c:
      I purchased him from Denver Doll Emporium.
    14. well as far as im aware, denver dont send out orders until they have reached a certain quantity of dollies from each company(this is if i remember correctly)
      So for all i know the wait migth be even longer.. i would send a msg to DDE and ask if they have sent in the order for the doll yet, if not u migth want to cancel it and order thro another page?:) thats what i would've done xD
      but then again maybe DDE is the only one with the wheat skin option available or that certain doll? idk..
    15. daepus;
      ohh, thank you for telling me! I really appreciate it.
      yes, I believe he can only be purchased through DDE as he's sold out on the Doll Leaves website.
      I'd shoot them a message, but I would hate to bother them. I'm just a little excited for him to arrive home. Q u Q
      if I end up waiting even longer for the doll I might go ahead and contact them to ask when they sent the order to DL.

      really though, thank you so much for helping me. ♥
    16. hmm :3 but what dollie did u order in wheat skin? cuz i cant see any wheat skin dollies on DDE?O_o
    17. daepus;
      Another Me Doll Leaves v! I should have said that to begin with, probably. U w U;;
      I'm really excited and a little bit nervous for him.
      what DL sculpt(s) do you own? o U o
    18. aaah ic :3 well .. i dont own any doll leaves msd's yet ^^ but i do own a Doll leaves Andy in grey skin, and it only took me like.. a bit over a month to get him when i ordered thro acbjd, and im thinkin of ordering a sleeping Amara to be his sis ^^
    19. daepus;
      I hope I don't sound rude when I say I'm so jealous T u T
      /grabby hands because I want my boo to be here right now.
      that's such a short wait time; if ACBJD happens to carry any companies that I'd like to own a doll from in the future I'll be sure to place the order through them to see how things go.
      I fully support you purchasing the Sleeping Amara, because she looks adorable.
    20. haha x) i really want her too x) <3 but resin crew is getting bigger and bigger :I