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[DOLL LEAVES] Mortin New version (White skin and Tan skin)

Sep 18, 2010

    1. Here, DOLL LEAVES continue the legend of The Classic of Mountains and Seas.

      They were were born in the feather tribe as brothers. They should have loved each other, but they go on the war path ...

      Tan skin version is coming soon...

      Details please visit: www.doll-leaves.com
    2. Jen- don't know if you noticed that Emory at Junkyspot is now carrying this company.
    3. HeartstringSerenade is working on a layaway program for the Doll Leaves dolls. I'll be posted on our front page once it's available. So there will be that Option for these dolls soon.

      Heartstring Serenade is an official dealer for Doll Leaves Asian Ball Jointed Dolls. We want to connect your heart with a Doll you will love!

      We have Instock dolls + Preorders are always available.


      questions can be sent to:
      or even send a PM here on to DoA to myself, or Keet.
    4. Doll Peddlar is an authorized Doll Leaves dealer. We have many of their dolls in stock and ready to ship. We are taking preorders on their new dolls. The resin and faceups are fantastic. We love their creativity and sculpts!


      501 224 5792
    5. I see two prices on the web page for Tan Mortin and would like some clarification.

      The initial price in red is listed as $425, but the price below that, for nude doll is $325.

      Is the $425 price for the fullset?

      Also, would it be possible to see photos of the tanned head without a faceup?
    6. Hello, Aceinit,

      $425 for nude doll is right. It was the data input problem. Now it is fixed.

      Yes, the nude head picture will come soon.
    7. Hello: I was wondering if we could get full pictures of the outfit that each doll is wearing? I love the wing spread on the white version. Does the Tan doll have wings also? Can the tan doll be purchased with the white version outfit?
    8. Manscan, Outfit picture please visit here: http://www.doll-leaves.com/doll/list_6_37.html
      Tan doll doesn't have wings.
      Yes, you can purchase tan doll with the white version outfit. Outfit and doll are sold separately.
    9. I see pics of the outfits are now posted. I am confused that the white outfit does not show the wings in the picture. Are those sold separately?
    10. The wings are just for show, They're not listed among the items in the Fullset.
    11. Is the tan version different from black if so which is the black version?
    12. Milkyushigirl, Sorry for the title mistake. It should be white skin and Tan skin. At the bottom of the first post, there is a revision title. Thank you.