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Contest DOLL LEAVES Name Wanted Activity on FACEBOOK

Nov 28, 2010

    1. I didn't see anyone post the news here. If it is already posted, please delete.

      I notice this news from DOLL LEAVES website.
    2. when does this end?
    3. Today, it looks like. "Our names wanted event will be ended within 9 hours. Don't miss the last chance! Thank you for every participation." was posted at roughly 2pm EST.
    4. "Dear friends, our Names Wanted Event is ended now. All the suggested name will be passed to the judges for selection. Thank you for your participations. We hoped that you enjoyed our event, wished to see you in our next event.
      The result of this event will be released at the same time as the doll released."

      Anyone know when this is?
    5. A couple people posted on facebook asking about the release date~ They just responded! :D

      "Doll Leaves Family Hello, the planned release day of the fairies is 1/3, but not confirmed.(^。^)"