Event Doll Leaves Summer Event & New 1/4 Girl

Jul 6, 2018

    1. Hello, Everyone,

      Our May Event is now begin , details as follow:

      Time: 6th Jul ~ 30th Aug 2018


      1. Purchasing any Doll Leaves basic doll, will get a same size gift BLANK head free

      (special edition head not included) ;

      And Rosbly will be open for this event (Makeup do not accept); Rosbly will be discontinued after event.

      2. To celebrate our new doll Betty, order Betty from 6th Jul ~ 20th Jul 2018,

      will get 10% OFF ; and a gift 1/4 Blank head.



      Thank you very much.

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    2. Can we pick the gift head or is it randomised?