New Doll [Doll Legend] New dolls + Summer event

Jul 6, 2016

    1. Doll Legend has just released two new limited dolls - Azazel and Beliel.
      Both dolls are limited to 50 sets only. Both fullsets don't include wings, horns, weapons and other accessory.
      The dolls could be purchased as basic dolls with or without make-up (two types - as on promo picture - $110; or 'ordinary make-up' - $50 or $60) or as fullsets (+$320 for the fullset with default make-up or +$260 for the fullset with 'ordinary' make-up).
      During the event both dolls will get ball-jointed hands as a gift.
      New dolls by Doll Legend could be purchased at DollMix, KOK DOLL Collection or Alice's Collection websites.

      Doll Legend event

      BELIEL (61 cm)

      AZAZEL (70 cm)

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