Doll Legend

Dec 6, 2014

    1. I just ordered a pair of jointed hands in white skin for SD13. I hope the wrists will fit in my SD SWS Islanddoll, but I have been known to mod to get what I want:XD:.
      I am debating on getting a DL 70cm body since they are on sale but I really love the weight and feel of Ringdoll but they are definitely more expensive. Dilemma time.
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    2. I agree with you, I am actually looking into getting a SD sized male body. I really like the sculpt of the 61cm that DL has but I'm wanting a doll that's a bit taller then 62cm. Even if it's a 1 or 2 cm taller.

      I noticed that on the company's website there is a space made for a 65cm sized doll. And I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's a male body with the same body sculpt as the 61cm one.
    3. I like the tall guys but my favorites seem to fall in the 65cm range. I have one that is 62 and another that is just shy of 70 different companies but those two are my favorites to play with. It would be cool to have another 65cm choice out there.
    4. I got my jointed hands from Doll Legend, they are white skin. I put them on my Island Dolls body, which has a Dollshe Saint Pale head. The colors match extremely well. The fingers are wonderful a bit tight but they bend into position and stay pretty well. I had to play with them a bit to get use them but I've got the hang of it now.
      They didn't come with s-hooks and the Island Doll hand s-hooks are difficult to remove so I tied them to the elastic. (old school) but it works and you don't see metal flashing at the wrist.

      Kilian is very happy with his new hands, I think he was contemplating sucking his thumb.:o
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    5. I really want to kick Alice's collections right now, They said that they sent my package out on the 25th of January, but I got the tracking number earlier then that. :|
      What did they do, tape the package to a fish and sent it across the ocean?

      "Free Air mail" apparently means "Free surface mail" which means it's not actually air mail.
      I just want my resin samples!
    6. Here is another resin match. My Doll Family-H Zhuangyan vampire elf head WS on the same Island Doll SD SWS body with the Doll Legend 60cm jointed hands WS. Match is wonderful here too. Natural indirect light.
    7. These bodies look interesting!

      What would you say the match with IoS normal is like in person? (Is that the new Normal?) It doesn't really look too good in the photo.
    8. Answering you here: :)

      I have an Osiris from the last release that IoS had done, so I don't know if the head yellowed or not, I am pretty sure that it is. It is close to being one year old.

      the resin match is not bad, but the IoS resin I have is slightly more pinker then the yellowed volks I have, the Doll Legend "normal yellow" matches more closer then the pink resin.

      I still have the hands (they are waiting to be shipped out but I was very busy today and was unable to get to the post office) I will take a few quick photos for you.

      Here it is with the IoS resin: The hands are Doll Legend "normal Yellow" on the bottom. the top one is "normal pink"


      Using a different camera: the one on the left is Normal Yellow DL, the right is Normal pink.

    9. Elysion gear - thanks for the photos and info! :)
      On this monitor there doesn't look like very much difference in the colours between the three. Is there much difference in person between Doll Legend's pink and yellow? (Are these their own resin or imported?)
      My IoS is from the restock batch last October so he's quite new and not yellowed. I'm not sure what would be the best match, hmmm... possibly the yellow? I do like the 70cm Doll Legend body, even though it's a little bit shorter than I was planning to get.
    10. Sylphe: I had received mine around that time too, I paid for Osiris and Blood in June and it took about two months for them to ship, as I had said I'm thinking that he yellowed, because I remember that they where a little pink-ier then the rest of my dolls. Like brand new volks resin.
      The DL normal yellow best matches my Osiris and Blood.

      The difference between the normal yellow and the normal pink is visible by the eye. even thought it looks close in the photos, it's actually not.
    11. Elysion gear - thanks again! So it looks like yellow would be the one to go for. I'm just slightly nervous about anything that's already called yellow if it's going to yellow some more anyway. ;)
      Did you decide to order the Doll Legend body? The reviews for the smaller ones seem good. I can't find any reviews about the 70cm, but I guess it would be similar.
    12. I got the 1/3 bioy jointed hand for my Soom Mega Gem Monzo in NS and the match is near perfect( sorry I don't have photos atm because my boy ,Kell ,is getting a haircut). The resin feels nice too. The hands are a little loose in posing so I may wire them/
    13. Interesting because the jointed hands I got were really tight. So it depends on who strings the hands as to how tight or loose they are. I love them they are nice slim fingers but still masculine.
    14. Oh wow I am in love with the Moci sculpt, did anyone ordered him yet?
    15. Gorgeous, isn't it?

      I've almost convinced myself to order the 70cm body. Almost.... and still trying to decide on the right colour! Need to decide fast because the spring event finishes soon!
    16. Does anyone know if the NS-P matches like Dollzone NS-P or similar coloured resin (Mystic Kids, Resinsoul DIM, etc.)? I'm interested in the hands mostly. :) But I'm probably gonna get one of the 1/4 bodies in NS-Y for my Volks Schulze head.
    17. SteamWitch: I was wondering since that you have all the different types and resin colors of Hands from DL. :D
      May I request a comparison photo of the hands? I am curious how the DL jointed hands look like compared to the other types.
    18. I think I have these all labeled right.

      [​IMG]jointed and not WS by steamwitch, on Flickr
      A. Dikadoll SD WS
      B. Doll Legend SD jointed WS
      C. Islanddoll SWS (slightly yellowed)

      Indoor photo
      [​IMG]hands indoor natural light by steamwitch, on Flickr
      1 Doll Legend SD jointed WS
      2 Islanddoll SD WS
      3 Dikadoll WS
      4 Diksdoll NP
      5 Angell-Studio SD NY
      6 Doll Legend NP
      7 Doll Legend NY
      8 AOD SD NY
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