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Doll-Love (also known as DollLove) Mini Discussion Thread

Jan 10, 2010

    1. I'm fast turning into this company's champion because every single thing about my interaction with them via their ebay seller liwenjie0310 has been amazing and the actual doll? Out of this world awesome.

      I have a NS God-Enjoy. She came with her default outfit and a company default faceup and I am thrilled with the quality of both. Talking to other soon to be D-L owners, it seems God-Enjoy (known as Daphne on the German ebay dealer's page) is a popular sculpt!

      Who else has her, and who has someone else? I'm personally going to buy a Word-Leaf brown skinned boy next time I get paid because he is hot stuff. xD

      ....Mod Note....
      This is discussion thread for Doll-Love (DollLove) mini dolls.
      Website: http://www.doll-love.com/en/product.asp
    2. It's magnetic. Very easy. :)

      I got a tan skinned Anona and she is very cute. I love her. I had to restring her after I got her because the elastic she came with wasn't very... stretchy? So even after I tightened it, she was still floppy. She's great now though.

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    3. [​IMG]

      Hi! This is my Anona. I love her!
    4. Here is some doll spam of my doll-Love kids Brian and Snow-Sing!
      I love my Doll-Love Kids!:aheartbea

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    5. Okay, so I ordered my Lenon on the 22nd of april. After primary communication (what wig i want, skin color, etc) He hasn't talked to me since. No communication since April 28th... I know I'm probably just being anxious, but... This is normal, right?? I ordered him from liwenjie0310 . :P :/
    6. Have you sent anything to him that he would need to respond to? That's the seller I ordered from last year and my Alice arrived a month after I paid, as promised. He even sent me a replacement hand when her's arrived broken. I don't remember any communication other than responses to e-mails I sent him (which he always replied to within a few days).
    7. yes HaloNoir is right If you don't sent him some questions he doesn't write to you. But don't hesitate to ask to him, I juste received my dolllove brian from him and he always answer to my questions^^
    8. Ok, he replied today saying my boy will be sent next week!!! ^^ excited!!
    9. In case anyone is wondering, these guys definitely count as slim MSD sized dolls. Which is good and bad, I guess! The good thing is anything that RS minis fit into should be ok for these. I've also had luck with minifee clothes. What size eyes are you guys using? I've switched over to 12mm and I really prefer it.

      Here is my girl, June (pink skinned God-Enjoy) rocking out with her new eyes, and a spectacular Dollheart wig


      Excuse the quality of the pic, it was from an awesome meet, but the lighting was against us!
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    10. My sister and I both have Anona's and I love mine to pieces. Ours were strung pretty tightly when we got them and they still are. Say, if you want her to stand, she ends up wanting to do a split. Soon after I got mine, I accidently slammed her head into my closet door and her leg snapped out and kicked me! My finger was in the joint too so it got pinched. :( Revenge?

      Their resin is pretty tough for being such a cheapish? doll. I'm a klutz and am always abusing mine yet the only imperfections on her is a little chip missing out of her nose which you can't see unless you're looking for it. But, she's holding up nicely to all my rough handling.

      I like how her body looks too. She has big shoulders but she's very proportionate unlike my Dream of Doll Homme Kirril who has a big body and tiny head. :( Mine is nice and sturdy though and bends nicely. I love how jointed she is and she's my first bjd. ^-^ And their pink skin is almost a perfect match to Dika Doll's pink skin if you want to get jointed hands.

      Here's my pink skinned Anona with no wig so you can kind of see the default face-up and some of Doll-Loves purple eyes. It's like..brownish and there are sparklies around the eyes too! ^-^ Her eyelashes have since fallen off because their glue isn't the greatest and I didn't feel like putting them back on. =X


      Here's my Anona
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    11. My Anona again
    12. Has anyone made a Hybrid doll from an Anona head? I feel like a Bluefairy girl body would work well with her.
    13. Hey guys, I have a quick question! I do hope it's okay to ask this here.

      I'm really interested in getting Word-Leaf (he's so cute! :3), but does Doll-Love offer a layaway option? I couldn't find anything about that on their website, and I figured I'd ask here before I go bothering them with emails. lol. Also, I don't actually care for the face-up he has in the pictures on the website, but I LOVE how he looks in the photos on eBay (from the liwenjie0310/Milky Queen Castel shop). I'm guessing it would be possible to ask them to do the eBay picture face-up version, instead of the one on the site??

      Thanks for any help/advice! :)
    14. liwenjie0310/Milky Queen Castel shop offers layaway, as i remember. I bothered company via email, but they ask about my plan :)
    15. Okay, so, I ended up emailing Doll-Love and I never got a response. I also sent a message to liwenjie0310/Milky Queen Castel on eBay, and never got a response there either. I will admit, I'm slightly paranoid to order from them now, which kind of sucks because I really want Word-Leaf. :(

      In an attempt to stay on-topic (rofl), what size eyes do the Doll-Love MSD boys take? I'm not a fan of super huge eyes, so perhaps 12-14?
    16. @orangemonkey5: Doll-Love has really good quality, the feel of the resin is very solid. He is slightly heavier than my AOD girl, Elis.
      @mekkisry: Albel takes 16 mms actually, the 14 look a little small in him. As for liwenjie, I'm sure that a few people here have ordered from her here. I'm not one of them though, so I cannot help you there. I could try helping you communicate with their chinese rep, but I'm not sure if she can help you there... But relax, Doll-love is a perfectly legit and good company ^^
    17. This is a picture of my Alice.