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Doll Love discussion!

Apr 22, 2010

    1. I've decided on getting a Doll Love Leon~! Gonna order in a few days! So whats up with these guys? I'm ordering from an ebay dealer named liwenjie0310.
      How do they stand? Pose? How do they feel? Hahah, I'm so excited I'm jumping around like a kid. And this is my second doll. :P

      How do you feel about these pretty Doll Love darlings??
    2. i really love the doll love alice and would be very happy to see some pics of she.
    3. I'm really interested in Yueyong, but sadly no one here own her......

      I think she has a unique face! And Doll Love just released 3 new SD dolls recently ^o^
    4. Here are Doll-Love Brian and Snow Sing.
      They are floppy but I am too new and chicken to restring or suede them so they just lounge around.
      I really like then a lot though!

    5. oh they are very beautiful ^^
    6. Thank you for posting pictures. DollLove dolls are still very rare in this forum. I like Brian!
    7. I've been trying to find owner pics of a lenon bu I've yet to see one...
    8. Oooh! You have snowsing!! I'm curious about her too!

      Thanks for the pics!!!

      I really want to see some Doll Love with greater faceups.... I think they have a lot of potentials, their default faceups are not giving them justice -___-
    9. Got my boy today!! Named him Gabriel and I love him!! Gotta fix his wig, bu he's pretty gorgeous. Liley: I do agree, the faceup could be improved. But not complaining
    10. Congratulations Irmiel! I would love to see pics when you get a chance!
    11. I actually showed him to my hairdresser and asked what she could do, so she's gonna fix it up for me soon. :P
    12. congratulations Irmiel!!! Post pics ASAP :)

      So you got lenon?
    13. Yea, I never thought I'd be interested in a scarred doll, but he's given me lots of surprises already. He's such a pretty boy in my opinion.
    14. Congrats Irmiel :) You will be grate mum ;)
    15. I ordered Doll-Love Ke last week if i can get some pictures on her i would love it :)
    16. Hahahah, well, Gabe is my second doll. My friend and I got brave enough to fix his goth-grey lips and gave him some pretty, more naturally colored ones.. Finally got enough initiative to take pics, but I think my camera just committed suicide so I only got 2 pics... I'm pretty concerned about my $200 camera though.......
      Btw, his lips aren't as orange as my flash photography makes it look.
    17. He looks adorable, Irmiel! Thanks for sharing pics. ;D (I'm thinking of getting him or his cousin Luck. lol)

      Btw, were his lips glossed or not when you got him?
    18. his body looks good....

      What skintone is that? Is it the normal pink or the normal yellow?
    19. Ramza: Yes, they were glossed. I noticed how they didn't seem to be in the photos though. Crazy. But his eyeshadow was not. It looks very nice though. They are sealed, but they don't look it.

      Lileychristie: Yea, I love his body. And it is a normal yellow. I was hoping it would look like my friends dollzone boy. He was white I believe, but she took him to Florida and he yellowed quite a bit. But it was like, a perfect yellow. No blotches or anything, and he looks spectacular! But it doesn't look exactly like that