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Doll Love Flip Flop...

Dec 6, 2016

    1. Not sure how to title this thread otherwise XD

      I have an interesting relationship with my tiny right now. I didn't click with her when I got her, failed to sell her a few years back. More recently I gave her a bit more attention, then lost interest again and I decided to sell her.

      When taking pictures of the lot I was selling her with, I put a wig on her that I haven't used in ages then POOF, I think she's the most darling thing, I adore her and she's staying home with me. I'm sure I've tried that wig on her in the past but this time it's like it brought her to life O_o suddenly the character she was intended to be just materialized.

      The back and forth is really odd to me, how I can feel so strongly one way then another then right back.

      Just wondering if anyone else has these moments with some of their dolls. Not necessarily seller's regret, but just a constant hot/cold yo-yo-ing. What do you do with these dolls? Do you hide them in a box to rediscover them later? After enough flip-flopping do you just go ahead and sell them?
    2. I have the back-and-forth feelings with most of my dolls in a constant cycle. It was a really uncomfortable feeling for me at first (a few years) until I accepted that apparently that's just the nature of my emotional relationship with my dolls and there's nothing I can do except go with the flow.

      If a doll is irritating me, I try not to act rashly. I put them away for a few weeks or months -- sometimes I have a doll out of sight for a year with no intention of re-homing them, just to clear my head so that when I am ready to bring them out again I'll be ready to begin anew. I don't usually re-do dolls (like give a doll a new character) but I will re-make the doll by changing small things to create a new version of the same persona. Since this cycle seems to be continuous for me, I've had to learn not to be bothered by it too much. :arainclou And now I have to say that I enjoy always feeling that there is more to be done. Even though I may not have "new" dolls to work on, I keep working on the ones I already have.
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    3. I have a few dolls that I have put away as I just don't know what to do with them. They are SD, and that size is too big for me. I really like their sculpts, so I won't sell them. Someday I'll figure it out. Also as I feel like I have too many dolls, I box up a few for a season, then change them out. It gives me comfort to know I still have them, just not visible.
    4. Oh I did this with one of my older dolls. Over and over and now I'm selling. I had a slight moment of love for her again after seeing and old photo, but I don't regret selling her. I'm glad to have moved on, because while they are still great dolls, the times I bought them in where really bad, so I normally avoided them as it made me remember a lot. I think that's why I went back and forth. I loved the dolls, but the memories are painful, so I disliked them and loved them at the same time.

      I'm glad I'm buying the dolls I'm getting now in a happy time, because I'll hold those good memories when I see them.
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    5. Thank you, @AlisonVonderland I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who falls in and out of love with my dolls. Next time it happens I think I will be more accepting of my moods and not be so conflicted when boxing them up for a while. :)

      @kurogane : cycling dolls in a collection makes a lot of sense, especially with large dolls(luckily I have just a medium and tiny... for now...) what a tricky position to be in, I hope you figure out what's best for you and your collection <3

      You bring up a great point about attached emotions @skyf I don't know why I never thought about it with dolls(as I have little trouble letting go of other possessions if they carry bad memories/feelings). Luckily the bitterness of my rebound doll has disappeared and now she just flip flops in and out of my life, hehe. I'm glad your new dolls will come with better memories for you! :)
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    6. I do this constantly with most of my crew. One day, I love them all and want more, the next I want to sell off all but maybe 3, but then I know I'd regret it. If I'm really on the fence about selling one, I'll box them up for a few weeks. I am very involved with my dolls and I enjoy seeing or handling them daily and making things or shopping for them. If I can manage to go a whole month without even looking at a particular doll or missing them at all, then I'm ready to sell them and move on.
    7. I go through entire cycles where I'm picking things out for my crew, researching head/body combinations, watching doll vlogs, etc., obsessively, and then spend a few months barely thinking about dolls at all. It's actually something I kind of like about this hobby. If life gets in the way, it's always there where you left it later. I think it's normal for a lot of people to lose interest for a little bit, some of us longer than others. I have also experienced how putting the doll away for a while, then making a small change like a new wig or different style of outfit can suddenly bring out a whole new personality.
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    8. I cycle through hobbies all the time, and while it hasn't happened to me with dolls yet I'm sure it will. I'm a really sentimental person though so I'll probably have the same flip flopping feelings that you have. Sometimes things just get stale? And perhaps putting on that wig just happened to be the right thing to make it click? I think it becomes a matter of knowing yourself well enough to really be able to tell if it's time to end the cycle.

      Doesn't sound like it is for you yet though :)
    9. I used to be like this with my tiny. She's a Doll Love Yoyo. She's adorable in her own way but some of her features I just never really liked. I changed her faceup, got her some new clothes and a wig, and she's soon getting some new eyes, and I'm falling in love with her... which is a good thing considering she was a gift from my parents. I couldn't bring myself to part with her.

      With the hobby in general, I go through phases. I have several hobbies - I cosplay, dance, play music, I'm a gamer, I sew, I crochet, I paint/draw... so I go through breaks between each hobby. Sometimes it will be months before I touch my dolls again, it just depends lol.