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Doll Meet up etiquette?

Oct 7, 2006

    1. Hey guys, I'm a little nervous to go to my first doll meet...I guess you just look out for people with big dolls and then talk to them? XD I'm pretty good with people, I'm just wondering how you handled your first doll meet?

      Ps: I figured this might be better in the meetup rather than the general discussion, as it pertains to meetups specifically...please move me if I'm wrong, mods :doh I try, I really do XD
    2. Heh I know what that's like ^__^

      I went to my first meet-up in September, I was a bit nervous too, and everyone was incredibly nice. I just kinda walked up and introduced myself (which is strange for me because I'm not normally very social or outgoing). During the meet-up I sat around talking to a lot of people and meeting a lot of BJDs. Everyone was really nice and willing to answer my questions. I had so much fun and I can't wait to go to another one. ^.^

      I think you should just be yourself and don't be shy ^___^ Hope you have fun at your first meet!
    3. this when i saw the title reminds me of my freidns and i making a list of all the proper concert/mosh etiquiete. but how about everybody post rules for our compainon that u think go for proper meet-up etiqietue.

      1. ask permission before u take pictures of peoples dolls or touch them.
    4. The first rule of Doll Club is that you don't talk about Doll Club!

      *ahem* Moving on...

      I remember my first meet-up...I was SO nervous, my legs were shaking as I went in. :sweat Plus it was the first time I'd ever seen any dolls in real life aside from my own, so I was really overwhelmed by all the prettypretty. And I still get that way before a lot of meet-ups! Once you get in there, though, you kind of forget about everything except the dolls. :lol: The hard part is really in forcing yourself to go despite the little voice in the back of your head going 'ohgodohgodohgod'.

      Etiquette-wise, well...the only thing I can really think of that isn't just common sense is: Don't touch or pick up someone else's dolls without asking them first if you're not sure how they'd feel about it, especially if it's a super-rare-special-awesome-chocolatey-fudge-coated-limited-edition doll. A lot of people don't have a problem with it (heck, last meet-up I got a Hu-die-meng Bermann just plopped into my arms), but everyone's different, and it's always best to make sure that the owner won't mind you touching their doll.

      Also -- if someone asks you NOT to touch their doll, or to be careful handling it, don't get upset. :) Unless they specifically say, "Everyone can touch this doll except YOU because I DON'T LIKE THE COLOUR OF YOUR SHIRT!" or something...

      And of course, although this should go without saying (but apparently some people actually do this stuff at meet-ups), NEVER grab someone else's doll from them, intentionally damage them or get them dirty, and don't start insulting someone else or their dolls. Also, if you're in a public place (like a restaurant) and a non-doll person asks about the dolls, be polite! (Or you could just stare at them blankly and go, "What dolls?". Whatever works.)

      Otherwise, just use your common sense, and have fun! :fangirl:
    5. The big one's already been covered: if in doubt, ask. Better yet, ask anyway.

      The only time it's even potentially ok to grab someone's doll is if it's about to take a fall off a table and you're the closest one to it. This is why I always bring doll stands.

      No one expects anyone to recognize all the head molds, so don't worry if you don't. Asking someone what their doll is is a great way to start a conversation.

      There will be people there who have done things to/with their dolls that you don't like. It's ok not to like it. It's not ok to tell them so. I thought this was common sense, then I heard about some doll meets where some doll owners told others their dolls were ugly. Sheesh. Talk about rude. There's room in this hobby for all of us.

      I love doll meet ups because there are great people and great dolls and so many different dolls I haven't seen in person and it makes such a difference!

    6. thanks for the advice, guys! <3
    7. Sniffles, ilu. XD And Mara's response was the best ever. EVER. X3

      OH and......if a doll has piercings, don't touch or tug them, unless they're ear piercings that have actually been drilled! Oftimes the 'piercings' are glued on and can easily be tugged loose, sometimes to the dismay of the owners.

      *jabs at Sniffles* ;D
    8. Aww, ilu2, darling. :wiggle

      OH GOD MY HAND SLIPPED AND I STILL FEEL HORRIFICALLY ASHAMED ABOUT THAT. Er....a good point though. Be really careful handling dolls who have piercings, especially if they have chains. They can come out REALLY easily...as I found out the hard way. :doh
    9. I just wanted to add, even though it has already been said, please don't be offended if someone doesn't want want you to handle their doll. I don't like ANYONE to touch my girl unless I know them REALLLLY well... Some people are really casual and free with their dolls others, like me, are almost creepy about it. "Can I hold your doll???" "...um, I'd rather you didn't."
    10. Don't be afraid to talk to people! After all a doll meet you're guaranteed to not be thought of as totally wierd for loving a particular mold, and you get to talk about and have people ACTUALLY understand what you're saying!

      If you don't have a doll, photograph away. Most doll owners (like m'self) are total photo hogs. The more pics of our dolls, the better. Then you post them on DoA and we're pround dolly parents.
    11. A lot of the big ones have already been answered~ Always ask before touching, or especially, picking up someone's doll. Most people aren't going to mind (I mean, why else would you bring a doll to a meet if you didn't expect people to look at it?). Most people are going to be social if they're at a meet. When I see someone new at an Atlanta meet, I will go up and say hello and kind of try to break the ice. We're all adults who play with dolls~ how bad can we be? ^_~

      I agree whole-heartedly. This hobby is an expensive one.... and the last thing anyone wants to hear is that their several hundred dollar investment, which most likely holds a lot of significant emotional value to them, is ugly. You can think what you want, you are entitled to your opinion... but don't ever express anything but the positives : ) About a year and a half ago I owned an El, who was painted by me. Now, I'm not exactly what I would called talented when it comes to painting face ups... give me fabric, I'm good to go, give me a paint brush... eh... not so great. Well, a girl there at the meetup said to me "You know, he's kind of ugly. Don't you think so?" ... Ok, so... no maybe he was no prize winning beauty, but I was proud of what I HAD accomplished, considering I couldn't at the time justify spending $150 on a face up no matter how badly I wanted to.

      Just be nice, relax, be respectful and you should have a great time ^_^
    12. I think I'd be the same way. It's nothing personal, but even I am freaked out when I'm handling my doll. I'd be slightly uncomfortable with people I know doing. I just hope that when/if I go to a meet people aren't offended if I say "Sorry I'm an overprotective dolly mama!"
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    13. I agree, it's ALWAYS a good idea to make sure you don't offend anyone by handling their doll incorrectly. I always make it a point to ask at the beginning of the meetup how everyone prefers their dolls to be treated.

      Also, learning people's names is a nice show of politeness! It can be very hard to remember all the names I know, but it can also be very gratifying! You're more likely to make friends with the person if you know their name too. I know I love it when people call me by my real name at a meetup. :)
    14. One thing I would like to add... If you go off to do a photostory with a couple of your dolls, for the love of Mike, don't leave the others off in a corner, a bench or some other random place without telling anyone!:doh :ablah: :vein
      I noticed someone doing this in a very open, well trafficked place at the very first meet up I went to, and nearly had heart failure until they got back. And this someone should have known better (so much better that naming names would get me in trouble).
      Of course this same person threw an absolute hissy fit when a non-BJD'er picked up one of their dolls to look at her :| ...

      :sweat So yeah, if you're not going to be there personally watching your dolls the whole time, ask someone to keep an eye on your stuff. Otherwise, just mind your manners and have fun
    15. I know about leaving your dolls with a complete and total idiot at the last con i went to a older lady that has these let a foolish 18 year old girl who just ran around spending all her money run off with her kiss. which she gave to someone and she did not know them at all. we got lucky the person was honest and wanted to give the doll to the right ower. Be very careful of not only your dolls but of your doll bags and camera and any doll items that can be easily removed.

      I don't mind people picking my dolls up if they are careful but i only let people i know watch them or hold them for a long time.
    16. As everyone says, I ask to handle and I ask doll types to see if I can't get a better understanding of what I'm looking at (usually not because theres so many types lol).

      I also offer to let others handle. I make it known up front that I don't mind people taking a look or holding or even posing and/or stripping my doll(s). >.>

      Washing hands... I make sure to wash my hands before I actually enter the meet and I avoid touching anything that might make my hands greasey or dirty. This helps on keeping the dolls clean when you're allowed to handle them. :3

      But absolutely most importantly... I be myself. It's always nice to get to know other dolls but imo it's even better to get to know other people. :)
    17. A random note, too, that isn't quite about etiquette, buuuut...

      Keep your eyes peeled.

      I can't stress it enough. Especially for big meetups in conventions. Dolls get shuffled around, people come and go, make sure you know where your little one(s) are going and where the little one YOU are looking after is going.

      Tagging your dolls is probably a good idea; when I bring Z, I'll have him tagged. ^^;
    18. well another point to note random pictures of certain actions being carried out without making sure the person fully understands u;r going to take a picture is well QUITE dangerous.... of cos it doesn;t help that the person was in this hobby b4 me.... lol

      but anyhows i would advise u to relax and have fun, i mean its a doll meet not a interview :D :D

      btw to note... its ok not to know anything much about dollfies in detail... and its alright to be very curious at meets :D :D
    19. Ohhhh yeah. Ask before taking pictures specifically of other people's dolls? :sweat

      I know some people are really sensitive about having their picture taken and having their dolls being randomly photographed.
    20. Hmm...Well, I know at my first meet I made a LOT of mistakes. Mostly because I was overly nervous! XD So, here's the things I did wrong. Hopefully you can learn from my mistakes!

      -Talk too fast
      -Pointing out your wounds XD
      -Pointing out you think your wounds are cool (hey! It WAS!)
      -Accedentally let go of your doll's leg while showing how tightly strung they are.
      -Be too nervous/shy to handle someone's dolls when they invite you too (I still regret not holding Knife~!!! ;_; )
      -Sit on wet furniture
      -Be overly talkitive and hyper...(I SO blame that Crepe booth and nerves)

      What you should do;

      -Be nice!
      -Find a happy medium between 'GO FOR IT!' and 'I'm too shy...I'm a mouse'
      -Have tons of fun ;)

      Most importantly for those EVIL non-BJD people floating around who spot you, zero in and attack;

      -There is safety in numbers. Also; DoA Mods/Admins are extreemly protective of their DoA spawns and creative with their words =)