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Doll meets and bringing the same (favourite) doll again and again

Jul 2, 2017

  1. Nobody wants to see the same boring doll all the time. Bring something different next time.

    2 vote(s)
  2. If you have to bring the same doll every time, could you at least bother to dress it differently?

    11 vote(s)
  3. Bring whatever doll you want dressed however you want it dressed. We're just there to have fun!

    190 vote(s)
  4. I could vote either way, really. I'm not sure.

    6 vote(s)
    1. I've got three dolls with one on the way. Two of my dolls, people have seen at my local meets many, many times. The third one, a Soom Zinc unicorn centaur, is bulky to take around everywhere. The doll I'm waiting on is a doll sculpt I've loved for awhile and was finally released in a fashion/model size compared to its larger, original size. He's to be the doll make of a character very special to me.

      I stopped bringing dolls to meets because I was concerned people would want to see something new and interesting all the time, even if it's just old dolls with new outfits or new faceups, and otherwise wouldn't socialize with me much since my dolls haven't changed in any way. I know it's just my own social anxiety as most of the doll people at my local meets (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) are super nice people who never seem to judge.

      I'm dead sure the doll I'm getting will be my greatest doll love, at least until I somehow find something even more wonderful along the way. My question is this.

      Is it boring when someone brings the same one doll again and again to meets, especially if they're happy with the doll's main outfit and so they don't dress it differently much? Should I be at all concerned if I just feel like bringing the same (the new guy) doll to meets over and over and don't drag out the bulky unicorn guy or my other two very often? I ride a motorcycle as my main mode of transportation so bringing bunches of dolls to meets or cons that way is difficult.

      Should we feel pressure to always be providing "new entertainment" at doll meets in the form of buying new dolls or playing dress-up or faceup-change with current dolls, or is it just about bringing the doll you darned well feel like bringing, and just socializing and having a nice time looking at other dolls?
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    2. I voted for the second option in the poll, but honestly, I think it depends. While I do think that using the same doll with new outfits if that doll is your favorite is the ideal option, it all depends on what you're able to do, and that not only refers to money and convenience, but the energy you want to/can put into it. And especially since meet-ups aren't that often, if you cycle between like, 2 or 3 outfits, that'd be fine in my opinion. And really, this isn't even something I'd pressure other people to do, these are just the standards I'd put myself to! So basically, do what you can afford, both money-wise and time-wise, and enjoy yourself, but if you really feel like you need to push yourself, just change the outfit often enough to give some variety.
    3. I don't even think it has to do with what you can afford. If you bring the same doll, I'd be interested in hearing about what you've done with him recently, what your plans are for photosets or for his character. I'm in love with one of my dolls beyond the way i feel about my others, and i like bringing her around. Doesn't mean i don't have things to talk about.
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    4. Some people might only have the one doll, with the one outfit, while they're starting out. Or, they might have just one 'go-to' doll for meet-ups, with the same 'going out' outfit.

      My plan for my Mystic Kids Cris, when he arrives, is that he'll be my 'go-to' doll for meet-ups. He's the right size to slip into a handbag, wrapped and bundled safely, and just go off. He's perfectly travel-sized. I have one outfit for him, at the minute, but he might get a few more items. Then again, he might not.

      Each to their own.
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    5. That's a good point. To be honest, I really should've replied with the standards I'd put to other people (which is very little at all), not what I'd hold myself to, because the latter are a tad bit higher.
    6. I'm going to be honest here personally I usually will bring my current favorite doll and a couple of new ones or the newest ones I have. I will sometimes however bring an older doll that haven't bought in a while to the meetups. I also usually like them to wear something different even if it's cycling though older outfits I own. I think you should do whatever makes you happy. It shouldn't matter what others think.
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    7. I voted for the third option; I go to doll meets for the dolls, yes, but mostly for the doll people. I don't just wanna oogle new dolls all the time (I'm not gonna see anything I love more than my own dolls anyway, honestly), I want to talk with people in the same hobby who I can relate to. So...it doesn't really matter what dolls someone brings. Besides, if you're seeing the same people all the time in your meets, it'd be cool, I think, to have a little doll crew that's always there too. :XD: Though it would be cool to have their outfits changed, 'cause then you could do group shots like it really was on different days and they're all meeting up. But really, bring whatever dolls are your favorites. I know I'd probably bring Ilya to every single meet ever, so...
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    8. I go to doll meets for the people and conversation. :aheartbea It doesn't matter to me what dolls other people bring- if it's always the same one wearing the same outfit, I think that's totally fine! Mostly I love just seeing a bunch of dolls sitting together, it's so cute no matter which dolls they are XD

      For myself, I have a lot of dolls so I try to change things up a bit just for my own sake. Sometimes I think about the location the meet is at and which doll would look good photographed there. Or I will bring whichever doll is getting a lot of my attention at the moment (I kind of cycle through favorites). Or if I can't decide, I will just ask everybody which doll of mine they'd like to see! There's no wrong way to do it.

      The only exception I would say, is that if someone says they're uncomfortable with a certain thing (like gore mods), to just be nice and not bring that. Otherwise, bring whatever you want!
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    9. I vote for No4. "I could vote either way, really. I'm not sure".
      I definitely know that people on my local meets have all 3 opinions. We have different meets, some of them are for fun, some of them are BJD cons, some are theme-based meets.
      On meets for fun we just have fun.
      On theme-based meet, please, dress your doll according to the theme. Even a theme-based accessory is ok.
      BJD con is a big event for my city, so, do a completely new diorama, it is an exhibition!

      Many things depend on a type of a meet.

      But regarding just a simple doll-meet, don't bother yourself with expectations of other people, that's beyond your control.
      What can you bring to the meet? The answer makes the meet interesting. That can be a question, information, tutorial, ideas, cool story, your wish to find new friends, etc. And the doll is just an accessory. :)
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    10. I have voted for the third option, because the most important thing in the meet is fun and nothing more.


      I wonder, how much of an exhibition is a doll meet? The main reason we go, is to enjoy other people from the hobby, show outselfs and see others. For some people it is the only place, where they can talk about the things they like, see dolls from other companies in real life, see new products, which can help them decide what to buy in the future.

      So in a way a doll meet is like an exhibition, because people come to see dolls. The more the better. On another hand, people want to meet people and share their excitement.

      If the meets, You are attending, are small, Your regular doll will be meet with less an less exitement, just as much as an old boring friend, but not less loved in a way. Stagnation is boring. Some changes, no matter how small, are needed. Will people ostracize You for stagnation? No. Of course not!

      All in all, bring whatever doll You find comfortable for You to bring. The only important thing is that it would be comfortable for You and that You would have fun. You do not own anyone their entertainment.
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    11. I know pretty much all dolls in my local group and vice versa.
      I am actually now at a point where I don't even bring a doll anymore most of the time (we passed the point of taking pictures and I was the one who usually did it anyway).
      I don't want to damage my dolls and much like what was mentioned....I go for the people.
      After so many years it's less about seeing dolls but just being able to relax among people with the same interests that I've known for years. Also the reason I stopped taking pictures, spending hours during and after the meet shooting/editing was just too exhausting.*
      If it would be a new meet/something bigger (like a doll convention) I would of course bring in a nice doll. Wanna show the goods, or something :XD:

      To get back to the original question: if your group complains about something silly like “you brought that doll so often already“...yeah, not worth it. Would probably laugh in their face and ask them who they think they are to decide whom in my group I should bring.
      As long as it's not a recast there should be no reason why people should complain. If it's a themed meet it would be nice if you put in some care to put something together, but really, not a must.
      As long as you are nice, polite, behave well etc. this should be enough.

      *(am jealous of people though who meet in cool locations and the like and all take great pictures together, but most in my group are not interested in taking pictures :()
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    12. I'm the sort of person who thinks, "oh no--last time I saw this person, was I wearing this same outfit?" However I'm very unlikely to notice or care if they were wearing the same outfit as the last time we met. And you know what? I probably met up with that person to spend time with them, not to show off my clothes. (Well, if it's a lolita meetup, it's probably a bit of both... now that's a hobby with pressure to buy!)

      You are your worst critic. Yes, bringing the same doll dressed exactly the same way to every meetup for a year might be seen as stagnant, and it would be best if you could try to honour requests to fit a theme, but anyone who cared about it at your ordinary meetup probably isn't someone you want to make friends with anyway. I'd far rather someone brought their only doll and enjoyed themselves than left it home, or worse, stayed home, out of fear of being judged. Projects and saving money take time, new dolls can take months to ship, and sometimes you just don't have any ideas or want to enjoy the hobby in a more passive way. In all honesty, no one is likely to care. You bring value by being there and engaging with the group.
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    13. I chose option three as well. There are some dolls that others own that I get disappointed if they are not at the meet!
      Different clothing is great, but if that one outfit is all you have or it just really works for your doll, then stick with it. :)

      Me... I have reached the opposite end of the spectrum. What dolls to bring and in what outfits? I almost miss the days when I could just bring them all. Now mostly I just grab either whoever gets requested or ones that have not been out in a while.
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    14. I voted for option 3, because I really don't think the people in your meet up group will be upset with you for bringing whatever doll you like.

      However! If I were you I would definitely try to bring that centaur a least once. Because part of what is nice about meets (aside from hanging out with likeminded people) is seeing different dolls that you may not get to handle or get up-close-and-personal with otherwise. That isn't to say that people will get tired of seeing the same doll every time, just that it might be a nice bonus for them to get to see a doll they might not have the opportunity to see normally.

      As for me, I have a relatively large collection, so I try to rotate who I bring to meets just for my own enjoyment. And to get new pictures of them! I also tend to bring whoever is the most newly finished to show them off... but again, that's for my own enjoyment. I hope that other people enjoy seeing my dolls too, but that isn't the be-all-end-all of the hobby.
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    15. I haven't been to a meet in a dog's age, but back when I did attend them regularly, I often brought whoever I'd added to the crew most recently.

      If I didn't have a new doll, I'd just ask if there was anything from my collection that someone in the group wanted me to bring. (Having dolls from a number of different companies and in a couple of different sizes, I could occasionally provide answers to people's "Hey, I wonder what an X would look like with my Y... Or if a Size A would just look silly next to a Size B?"-type questions. :lol: )

      If no one needed to see anything specific... I'd bring whoever struck my fancy that day. Even if it was the same doll I'd brought before.
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    16. I don't think people actually care that much, you do you. Doll meets are for socializing with like minded people and if you want to bring a new doll go ahead but no one is going to judge you for bringing the same doll continuously.
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    17. Bring what makes you happy!

      I always get excited to see new dolls or new outfits/accessories on old dolls, but I like seeing familiar faces too. At my local meets, I think I have a favorite doll from each member, and I'm always happy to see them again. I've even had a couple of people leave their dolls with me for awhile simply because I'm so happy to see them regularly. Bringing the same dolls over and over also helps me remember their names and sculpts and recognize them next time. While I love seeing all different dolls, I admit I do tend forget names and sculpts if I only see them a couple of times.

      As for myself, I try to rotate who I take, but there are a few who get to go more than others, either because they're favorites or because they travel better (smaller size, easy to maintain wigs, fewer accessories/props/fantasy parts, etc). Dhani hardly ever gets to go because I'm afraid of messing up his many tattoos, even though he's been with me longer than most of the others.
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    18. I try to change up my dolls' clothes because I like to. I don't have dozens, so there are always going to be repeats.

      That being said, do what you want. I'm usually more happy to see the person than their dolls.
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    19. I have a good sized collection from a wide variety of companies (some that don't even exist any more). Because I have a good size collection, I have the luxury of being able to bring a different doll(s) to every meet and not run the risk of repeating who I bring for a good long while. I switch out who goes to meets just for my own pleasure not because I feel any pressure from anybody in my local group (which is the same as the OP). Matter of fact, I have somebody who always asks if I've brought one specific doll because she adores him so much (she also kidnaps him for cuddles every time I do bring him *laughs*).

      When I get a new doll, they will come to the first available meet so I can show them off. I'll also bring specific dolls if somebody asks and I like to bring lesser known dolls since many people may have never seen them before. Changing clothes doesn't always happen as I'm lazy. Face-ups never change. Wigs/eyes change only in very special circumstances.
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    20. I brought my same dolls to meetups. No one seemed to mind and people always seemed to like looking at them. I've even found when going to get them at the end of the meet that they wound up on different furniture or in different poses, ect. Everyone else did too along with newer additions if they got them.
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