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Doll More Nouvelle lune Asha

Nov 20, 2005

    1. Not too fond of the super long elf ears, but I really think she's a cutie.


      When the Asha Rosee came out I said "Oh thank goodness she's not beauty white" I don't have to order her!

      And now this!!

      >bangs head on desk<

      Where's my money tree!

    3. e_e Where's MY money tree!? Gasp.. Someones stollen them ;_;
    4. Very cute! I thought about adding her to the list until I noticed that the ears are a completely different color than the head. You can really tell in the human ear picture. It must be the face up blushing and I am sure you can blush the ears to match.....

      Plus the human ears are kind of goofy looking and I would probably never use the other ones
    5. holy wow...I was never very fond of Asha, but this girl is soooooo perfect and gorgeous!! I want her...<(T0T)>
    6. wow. Her eyelids have such a realistic texture in the close-up...
    7. umm, argh? That's a beautiful girl!!!! I like Asha, but not enough to get one usually. But half-lidded gothic Asha with mermaid ears? And perfect white skin? Waaaant!
    8. thank goodness shes not unoa size/build or i might have to get her. love the interchangable ears!
    9. Phew. I got lucky with this one. I love Rosee to pieces, but this Asha doesn't do it for me. *counts blessings*
    10. She's so beautiful... I've talked to my family and they're willing to pitch in to help me get her. She's going to be my Christmas gift. I'm just hoping by the time I get to raise the needed amount she'll be around? Yeah hopefully. Glad to read up about her here.