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Doll N Doll is now making and selling serendipity tinies

Aug 25, 2008

    1. Awesome news, I've just read this notice at DollnDoll:

      "Hello, everybody.
      Dollndoll buy up all serendipity's doll.
      Dollndoll may manufacture and sell serendipity doll of new image.
      At future, serendipity dolls are manufactured by all dollndolls' brand and are sold.
      14§¯ (about 5.5 inch) doll of new image since today,
      sell Cumi and Milk, Cherry, Cookie.
      We wait your many interests.
      Thank you very much. "

      Price: $143
      Faceup cost:$20
    2. I'm glad somebody picked this line up...they're so cute. :) I like Milk a lot.
    3. It looks like they put them all on Cumi's body-which was a much better body than Serendipity's old body for their tinies. Very cute!
    4. I really preferred the old body but they are all very cute! I see Cookie is a girl now! ;) I wonder if the resin is as nice as Serendipity's?
    5. They're cute, if not my taste (at least not with those faceups) - do you think they'll start producing some of Serendipity's other sculpts? I have such hopes... :D
    6. I hope they get more of their sculpts. It would be great if they also make some boys in the future, (although Cookie does make a cute girl)
    7. I like my boy Cookie, he's such a sweet sculpt.

      I wonder if they are only doing girls because they only had Cumi body molds? There weren't any tiny boys in the line that featured Cumi.
    8. Is serendipity going to produce their bigger dolls as well?
    9. great news ..great price too ...but I wish they were doing the boys
      I always wanted my Milk boy back ...the little boy body was beautiful
      and I would love a GreenTea
      so my wishlist ...Cookie and GreenTea Boys back

      Oh fatal ...I went to look ...I love Milk ...I am paying for a Hazy right now ...but as soon as she is paid for ...I think Milk is on my come to live with me list ....she is adorable
    10. I noticed that Cookie is a girl now, too--- ah well--- maybe they will endevour to do a slight pelvis resculpt in the future--- I adore my Cookie (I sent Candy off to my sister to play) and Cumi is a super duper poser--- I'm glad they brought back Cherry and Milk. The prices are absolutely stellar!

      I really shouldn't have looked!
    11. I think I may have to put a Milk on my shortlist. The price is amazing and there is a good hope of free or reduced shipping. Even with shipping on the cheap end of $35, a doll with clothes, wig, eyes and faceup still comes under $200. I was languishing over not getting an elfdoll piggy but this has my hopes up.

      Thanks to Margarita, my enabler...
    12. I saw them on ebay and wondered what was goin gon .. I do hope they will redo Ismy too. I think the faceups will get better as they make more.
    13. I just heard the news, I'm so suprised..

      I am crossing my fingers that they will do the minis too...Serendipity had fantastic designs.

      So cheap too 0.o
    14. I hope the do the seven year olds. I want Charles. :...(
    15. cherry and milk are so cute, it's tempting but i still prefer slender tinies...
      they are very cute though!
    16. Does anyone have Cookie or Cumi in the new style? I would love to see pictures.
    17. Bumping this thread. Is Candy the same head sculpt as Cumi?
    18. Milk is just lovely.
    19. Not the old Candy and Cumi. Here are the two of them together...you can see the differences in the eyes and mouth.