Doll Nudity Warnings - Why?

Jun 20, 2008

    1. This is something which has confused me since I first came into this hobby. In a hobby where most of the dolls are somewhat to fairly anatomically correct, in my perspective, I would expect to see some naked dolls. But there are still a lot of 'nudity' warnings...

      So I guess I'd like to ask what are peoples reasons for wanting/having doll nudity warnings?

      Are they necessary? Are you upset/offended when there's a naked doll in a thread that you haven't been warned about?

      I'd be very curious to hear people's opinions! :)

      (Note: I'm not talking about doll 'porn' or anything overtly sexual, just general doll nudity, whether it be in the gallery or a sales thread)
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    2. Um, I don't think it's so much that most people are "offended" by and unclothed doll, as the fact that a lot of people check DoA from work, school or library computers, and could get in a bit of a pickle if someone walking by saw what appears to be a naked human on their monitor :sweat
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    3. also, it's like people...just because you know they have all the appropriate bits & pieces under their clothing doesn't mean you necessarily want to see them, whether it's because you're not in the mood or because you're just not into that aspect of art.
    4. I think mainly its done for either younger people viewing the forum, or people who have little kids running around and would prefer them not to see that.

      Also if you're looking at work a co-worker may mistake it for porn, and it could get you into trouble.

      Personally I'm not offended, as its normally artistic nudity (which I'm fine with, being an artist) and I like to photograph my own dolls this way sometimes. Either that or its arrival photos, in which case they're normally naked.

      I see what you mean though - it should be expected as they are mostly anatomically correct. But I think its more of a so other people don't think you're looking at porn or something. (as they might not realise it's dolls)
    5. Pretty much this.

      I don't mind doll nudity in and of itself; I think it's lovely. But there's a time and a place to admire it, and school is not one of them. .>_> I do check DOA at school a lot, and I would be seriously pissed if I clicked on a thread that had nudity without a warning and ended up getting in trouble because a librarian just happened to walk by at the right (or wrong, as it were..) time.
    6. Not that I have a problem with it or anything, but I tend to sit in my kitchen (which in my case also happens to be the center of all activity in the house) and I have younger brothers wander around me all the time. The other thing is that my mother would totally flip over a doll anyway, and if she were to realize that they were anatomically correct she'd probably think I was some kind of pervert, there would be no explaining it. =_=
    7. This.
      Just because I'm looking at a doll photo doesn't mean that my older male boss who forgot his glasses and is walking by my desk won't mistake it for a real human.

      I can see myself trying to explain to him that it's a doll, and that it is anatomically correct. And painted to look as if it is real. And yes, that IS a treasure trail... :sweat

    8. That's exactly it. Especially when there's nothing around for real scale (which is often the photographer's intention) the pics can look like tasteful (usually!) human nudes. And while I do like looking at tasteful nude humans, I wouldn't want my co-workers to think I was doing it at work.

      :)100 posts!!!:)
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    9. I'm at work right now, so opening a thread as someone walks by and being greeted with doll wang would be bad. :XD:

      In general even at home I appreciate warnings though. Doll nudity doesn't offend me, but it can be a little jarring to click a thread and OH HEY doll bits. Even moreso if they're painted realistically.
    10. Yep. For instance, I'm at my grandmother's house right now with a bunch of my cousins who are all way younger than me... how the heck would I explain that to them? :lol:
      I also check DoA from school but I think the security thing blocks pictures, so that I don't think I have to worry about.

      Plus I think it'd be awkward if they asked and you were like "It's not a human, it's a doll" and they'd be like "Wtf DOLL FETISH?"

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    11. This is mostly the same with me, except I have no little brothers, and my parents know their anatomically correct *found out recently* My dad is a little peeved about the dolls in that way I think...

      So I like the warnings, I know when to look at those threads and if I need to keep an eye out for random passerby:sweat That way my family who doesn't know about the dolls correctness don't flip about a naked humanoid object on the comp I'm looking at...

      It just controls the drama and keeps people out of trouble;)
    12. LOL! ^This, 100% (Well, except my boss is female). I tend to browse DoA a lot at work, and if I'm on the work computer I deliberately avoid the doll Marketplace and pretty much all the Galleries for just that reason. I also agree with kitteh303 in that explaining "Oh, it's just a doll" might make things seem even weirder.

      At home, I have no problem with dolly nudity... but at work it's best to avoid it.
    13. The nudity warnings used to puzzle me-- I mean, they're dolls, how many kids leave naked Barbies lying around? But now I can see, with work and school stuff that can get awkward. Not to mention alot of dolls are very anatomically correct... o.o;;
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    14. I like the warnings. I don't want to be browsing along and suddenly be smacked in the e-face with doll wang when I least expect it.

      It's called common courtesy.
    15. Personally I think it's odd. If you can mistake a doll for a live human then you have a problem with perception IMO. The joints alone ought to give it away *L*

      BUT... I know most Europeans have another view of nudity than the average American. More in a "hey we're born nude, what's the deal?" look of it.

      Would you avoid taking young children to art museums, too? Classical greek statues ect? I don't GET the "but if a child saw this..." thing at all. First of all, I don't think small children close their eyes while they're bathing - quite the contrary. It's society norms and morals that dictate that a penis is somehow "dirty" to look at, as opposed to your nose. When I was.. what? 4 or 5 (back around 1970!) I had an anatomically correct baby boy doll. He was awesome, he could even wet himself. And.. while some may disagree, I don't think it ever scarred me in any way ;) [​IMG]
    16. Nudity isn't bad, TrekkieGrrrl. It's just that no one wants to be suddenly confronted with it when you expect something else. In an art museum, it's pretty much known you're gonna see some wang, hoohoojoos, and hoohas in the name of art. But in a Gallery thread, when most people post clothed dolls...?
    17. I think it's mostly because, though we may OBVIOUSLY see that that's not sexy nudity up on our screen, our coworkers/parents/older siblings/spouses/alien overlords may not exactly agree. As a more-or-less asexual, I have no trouble seeing that there is such thing as non-sexual nudity, but some people are more squeamish than others. Nothing wrong with that, either.
      EDIT: And I DO know some families who won't take their kids to art museums because there are- gasp- portrayals of classical nudity. We call these people 'prudes'. Not even sensual nudity, either- just the belief that you cannot see a 'naked' inanimate object without sexualising it. Makes me kind of mad.
      </my vapid two cents that will likely start some kind of flame war>
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    18. For the actual person sitting at the monitor, sure. But what if I'm in the library and someone walks past behind me and glances at my screen? Easy enough to make that mistake then.

      It's all fine and good to say that nudity should be acceptable -- heck, I agree -- but the fact is that in some parts of the world it's not. I think labelling nudity shows respect for the people viewing the thread, not because nakedness is shameful but because:

      - they might not be comfortable with it personally
      - they might be in an environment where photos of a naked doll aren't considered appropriate (I've had to close some threads REAL FAST browsing in the library)
      - they might be in a room with their 85 year old granny who would be scandalized by a doll penis (and is it really worth it to try to convince your 85 year old granny that doll nudity is a-ok? I've basically given up trying to convince my 85 year old granny that calling people "orientals" is rude, and that's a somewhat more serious issue!)

      I'm sure other people have other equally valid reasons.

      If there wasn't a general practice of labelling nudity I probably wouldn't browse DOA in public at all. I don't want random passers-by to think I'm looking at porn in the library, and I don't want to have to take the time to explain that yes, it's a doll, and yes, it's anatomically correct. And it's not like nudity warnings are hurting anyone.
    19. I understand there being warnings in the gallery posts, but I just think it's silly when you have a thread with "Body Comparison" in the title-or when it's in the doll making subforum, or the marketplace. I'd hope there would be some dolls without clothes there-or else you couldn't tell what they were making or selling! Anyone browsing those areas should know that there will likely be nudity there.
    20. I agree with you. It's still the nice, courteous thing to do, though. It doesn't hurt you to add a couple of extra words in your post's subject line.