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doll party kyoto3

Feb 17, 2005

    1. hi, i am new here, just want to share some news about the HTDP3
      it has been updated today and those one-off and limited dolls r not ready yet
      but something cool is here,
      volks are going to sell the sku limited msd kit....gosh i think both maria and the boy(sorry i dunno how to spell his name:P) are both gorgeous
      maris looks like sku a head in msd size and the boy looks a bit like enn or a FCS28
      i want both of them but it sounds impossible... :cry:
    2. *giggles insanely* Kyoto Dolpa bento.........

      Arigatou for the link!! *bookmarks* But is it just me or they changed the date??? I thought it was earlier in March, but it says now it's in March 21!
    3. According to Babelfish those MSD, Mary and Schultz, are for an esthetics class only and can only be purchased if you attend the class. Along with the school A & B heads they are also doing a sd13 boy body and a sd girl esthetics class. Very cool.
    4. :o :o :o MSD SIZED F-28 style heads!!!JIRFJSKJAFSKA!!!oneoneoene!!!!!

      Oh no, my bank account ;_; They're gorgeous, I've been dreaming of this forever and ever and evveeerrrrrr...I'm sure they'll be hard to get, just like their larger counterparts...and equally as expensive.

    5. Come one everyone, let's just charter a plane! I'm in, who's with me? :grin:
    6. Me! Only, maybe a commuter train instead of a plane because I live 40 minutes from Kyoto. But I would love to meet with anyone who actually makes it out here.
    7. Pics of the One-Off Models are on the Volks English site. Just click the picture of Madoka on the upper right of the page. Rest of the site has not been updated yet. (Waiting to see the limiteds). Here is the page, hope I did the link correctly. - Barb

    8. those are not kyoto dp3's one-off.
      they were tokyo dp12's. i cant wait to see the new limited ones. :D
    9. Hi Asaki,

      Thanks for the links. I love the new MSD boy and girl. I hope to see more pictures of them.

    10. Wouldn't that be great!
      Plus it's a holiday weekend in Kyoto and the Museum will be open. What a perrrrfect time to be an SD fan and in Kyoto!
    11. Dolpa Kyoto Exclusive dolls are on www.superdollfie.net! :D

      SD13 Cyndy
      SDC Kurenai
      You SD boy Rengemaru
      You SD girl Suzuna
      (You = infant)

      (Yuki and Sakaki are not available at Dolpa, they are Sato 1st anniversary sale exclusive.)


      I love Kurenai so much!
    12. Thanks for posting these, Yuzuko!

      Second edition Cyndy is killing me...her dress is to die for...(maybe there´s a reason why I resisted Jun in the end ^-^).
    13. Oh, wow~ Another Cyndy! (Damn, even I love her dress....)

      Consideration consideration.... XD

      Is it just me or Sakaki kinda looks like Lucas?
    14. More items are on www.volks.co.jp.


      SD13 Cyndy
      SDC Kurenai
      You SD Rengemaru
      You SD Suzuna
      MSD Maria(un-assembled kit, only for painting school students)
      MSD Schulze(un-assembled kit, only for painting school students)

      DD Sirius
      Dollfie(1/6) Dahlian
      Dollfie(1/6) R.I.O

      DD base body 2nd version(with DIFF) --- no images yet
      DD optional head Custom-Hair-Head A(with rooted hair)
      DD optional head DDH-02 with opened eyes
      DD optional head DDH-02 with closed eyes

      New eyelashes --- no images yet
      V-Jeans '05 First Collection --- no images yet
    15. Maria is beautiful *sighs* I'm guessing these are going to be Y!J scrambles, in a few weeks. -_-
    16. Schulze. ;_;

      Rengemaru and Suzuna are so adorable. <3

      Damn Volks.
    17. How do we join the after party lotto though? If I actually get a chance to buy Cyndy I'll get her. ^_^ Just curious. ^^
    18. oh boy I am praying for a lottery...those MSDs are so CUTE and Cindy....drooooollllssss
    19. Schulze is so cuuuuuute *________*
      and Rengemaru look like a little Ken :D

      damn volks =.=''' i need buckz T.T