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Doll Party NAGOYA 2 - dolls

Jul 25, 2005

    1. Volks updated their site with pics of the cutest little dolls.
      They look like a sleeping version of suzuma and rengemaru.
      I am in troulble again, I want this cuties. I love the little outfits....

      The event is on August 21 starting at 11 am to 16 pm.
      Is on the volks main page.


    2. I hope the sleeping Suzuna and Rengemaru are for sale and not just as display pieces to show off the pajama sets... =*^^*=
    3. Me too. They are so cute...

    4. I wonder who that little witchy looking boy is?? A one off?
    5. Where is this boy? I want to see! =D
    6. I believe he was a one off from a past Dolpa. Sometimes they show pictures from the last Dolpa before they can get pics of the upcoming dolls.

      They set Rengemaru and Suzuna out to sea! How cruel!~
    7. He reminds me of that wizard-ish auction model at a previous Dolpa....wonder how high the bidding went on that one. His outfit is different, though. And actually, it looks like a girl, to me. XD

      Indeed! XD Like Hansel and Gretel...left to fend for themselves.

      I can't wait for more info and pictures!
    8. If he was a one-off, it was from a pretty long time ago... The only dolls that resemble him/her at all were auction models from Dolpa 12:


      But they're clearly not the same as the one in the banner. Maybe Volks will be offering a "Harry Potter"-inspired line this time around? =^__^=;;
    9. Yep, that girl was the one I was thinking of! ^_^ It's a cute outfit, kinda like a cross between the auction model and Enn 1st or punk Yuni. I wonder what size/sculpt this doll is. *squints at the tiny image fruitlessly*
    10. Pooh! I want a tiny ....stamps her feet !
      so cute !
    12. :barf I have to buy the Rengemaru sleeping head on the secondhand market (I doubt Volks will sell only heads, and I already have a rengemaru) that's so #$*_#($*ing cute!

      EDIT: BTW, I :barf ed because of the adoreableness.
    13. So cute! :D
      I hope the release those sleeping Rengumaru and Suzuna dolls - they're so adorable!
    14. Awwww. They're so sweet! :D
    15. We like Price lists!! XD

      Note that these prices are for "Classroom" doll lectures at Nagoya.
      Prices are quoted from Japanese Volks site. :grin:
    16. the little sleeping ones are so cute :chibi
    17. Schulze and Maria/Mary again! Whee, my second chance!
    18. *wimper...sob*

      So wants that Michael.....
      :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
      Right!!!..where the nearest bank gone..its robbing time!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: