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Doll Peddlar Exclusive SoulDoll "The Marauder" Zenith Boy LE20

Jul 9, 2011

    1. Limited Edition 20 Worldwide. Doll Peddlar Exclusive! "The Marauder" Zenith size BJD. Normal Skin Tone. Limited Edition Face Up. 16mm blue eyes as shown. Complete outfit as shown. Boots by Luts. Mohair Wig. Will include certificate and printed name plate including the name of the doll, Soul Doll and The Doll Peddlar.

      Height : 69 cm, Girth of head : 22 cm, Girth of neck : 12.5 cm, Girth of chest : 29 cm, Girth of waist : 21 cm, Girth of hips : 27.5 cm, Shoulder width(with arms) : 14.2 cm, Girth of ankle : 10 cm, Length of back(from cervicale to waist line) : 14 cm, Length of "from shoulder to wrist :20 cm, Length of "from ankle to waist :40.5 cm, Foot length : 9.5 cm, Foot width : 4 cm.


    2. I'd love to see more pics of him, and more pics of the face.