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Doll people are the Best!

May 30, 2016

    1. Lately I've found myself thinking over and over again about how much I love the Doll community. You know, I've been through some really tough times health wise, lots of pain and very scary events. And sometimes that kind of a bumpy road leaves you feeling very much alone. But as I went through it I was buying or trading things within the doll community and found comfort in the unexpected sweet things that people did or said. They didn't know I was ill but they were just so kind!!! Like sending pretty little surprises along with something I bought or traded for - a lovely way to make someone's day brighter! Or, just recently, being super patient as I needed extra time due to hospitalizations to finish up custom projects.

      I have to admit that it took me a while to trust this community since I had just exited the uber competitive and very nasty world of dog shows where I was shocked by and never got used to the way dog "enthusiasts" cut down a fellow competitor's dog. One once called my sweet dog a "piece of $&@!" When I left I never looked back. I had to learn to let go of the fight that I developed to protect myself and still managed to stumble here and there. Like complaining when I should not have rather than just let something go. But I think I've been able to come round full circle to truly appreciating the community here and to let go of that pugnacious protection. I'm trying to raise the standards for myself up to the lovely people I've been fortunate enough to deal with.

      And the creativity here? AMAZING! and inspiring!

      I'm sorry if this is too much heart on a sleeve for some. I know the BJD world is not a perfect community but it's a lot better than what I've ever experienced. I just wanted to say so. :)
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    2. I'll never understand how people can be so mean with dogs. A dog show should be a place to love every dog, in my opinion. Of course everyone want their dog to win, but despising other people's dogs? That's so wrong! Lol, I'm kissing my dog right now and saying "would you bark at other dogs at the show? Yes you would.." Anyway! xD

      I'm really happy you found everything you need in this hobby and community. I've never had any difficult situation like yours, but once when I started university I found myself really lonely, lost all my friends... and started dancing para para as a hobby. I felt just like you in that community. After some time I moved out, started belly dance, lost contact with para para dancers, and now I'm a doll person and here I am, lol! I know what you mean with finding a nice community where you're appreciated no matter what your tastes are and what you do.

      I agree with you about the creativity needed here! In my opinion, this is one of the most customizable and artistic hobbies I've ever found. You can do almost everything (If you're brave enough lol). I've just started sewing and I'm still struggling with patterns, but I hope I find it easy someday!

      By the way, my name's Anna but my dancer name is Naisha :D nice to meet you!
    3. @Pony They said that about that doggie in your picture?? I always smile when I see your posts because I get to see that gorgeous little baby in your avatar. :) I don't know anything about professional dog shows except that I like to watch them and squeal over all the cuteness.

      Anyway, yes, I agree. I have seen some nastiness in the hobby, but thankfully, it seems to be contained to a couple of platforms I don't use, and I get to see mostly friendly people. I love going to meets, and have met most of my closest friends through the hobby. Everyone there is so nice and accepting of each other, regardless of what type of doll you own, if you're a newbie at everything or professional, if you have 100 dolls or none yet. My sister is also in the hobby, and it helps keep us close. We roleplay our characters together, do photoshoots, buy or make doll related gifts for each other and talk about plans. I've met a lot of people in the bjd rp, too, and because of the stories we write together, it's helped me develop my own characters better. I've had random people in the hobby help me with everything from faceup tips to photography to sewing to buying things on TaoBao. I've been sent gifts, even when I didn't buy anything. There are some truly kind and generous people in this hobby. <3
    4. Yeah, I used to think that, too, before I found the confession blogs on Tumblr. The people who write in to those things are so nasty and hurtful it's not funny. Stuff like that makes me kind of glad I don't really know anyone in the hobby.
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    5. Happily I haven't seen much really nasty confession blog posts... I think some people use them to get things off their chest that they feel guilty about thinking, so I'm sure that there are some floating around, but I've actually seen some really sweet ones-- a couple of people using the confession blog medium to say nice things. I don't know if it was because they were too shy or if it was just to counteract some of the nastier confessions, but I thought it was nice.

      For the most part, though, I don't see... well, much at all from confession blogs. I try to stick to the nice, supportive corners of all my fandoms and hobby groups, and I've been pretty lucky-- there are some great kind and supportive people around.
    6. I didn't know confession blogs existed and I don't think I'll check them out. There's sure to be people who are on opposite ends of the spectrum in any hobby. If ours was one based on competition and awards things would get pretty hot.

      Vienna is the little dog in my Avatar but it was another one that was cursed at by a competitor whose dog lost to my dog. I was always glad that the dogs had no idea what people were saying about them. I feel the same way about my BJDs. And I like how many people get excited over someone else's ideas.

      I loved seeing all the breeds at the shows. The dogs were so beautiful and groomed to perfection. I could appreciate them without having to care for them. Can you image giving a Puli a bath and drying it out?
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    7. Vienna is so adorable! I'm a dog lover so I love to see other people's dogs :D I have two dogs (a pitbull and a rottweiler but they live with my brother because my apartment doesn't allow big dogs :( I'll be moving out as soon as I finish my studies) they are my best friends actually. I don't understand how people can be so mean to the sweetest creatures on earth.

      I left tumblr because it can be pretty nasty sometimes and even though I always kept to myself, I just didn't want to be part of its hateful atmosphere, I once received an anon message insulting me because I like dolls :/. Instagram and flickr are so much better!
    8. It's good to hear DoA and dolls have been so helpful to you when you needed them!! I know what you mean regarding health issues and have found dolls, craft and sewing to be a wonderful way to lift my heart towards a happier place!! May you keep on enjoying them and your creative times here!!
    9. Thank you so much, Anne. I'm glad that you also found a lovely place to be when things get tough. I just had a surgery that corrected a problem that I had for over 20 years and I can't believe how much better I feel. The daily nausea is gone along with other things. Now when I work on my projects I actually have energy. I hope you find a way to feel better in every way.

      Yumi, I've never joined tumblr so I've never experienced any outright criticism of my BJDs. I'm glad you left. You don't need that kind of negative energy around you. Luckily my husband is super supportive and he's the one I go to for a critique. I think pit bulls are some of the sweetest dogs. They get such a bad rap when they are caught up in the abuses of bad owners.
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    10. Aw, pit bulls are sweethearts-- my mom used to have one, years before I was born (apparently he was a complete fraidy cat). Like... just based on my experience with dogs, pit bulls and rottweilers have been some of the biggest lovebugs, whereas little dogs can be the ones to watch out for...

      Okay, I'm drifting off-topic here because I saw pit bulls mentioned, but yeah. I mean... I think it's difficult to discuss 'the doll community' as though it was something truly cohesive-- even on one forum, there are people who I wouldn't recognize the usernames/avatars of, and others I feel like I really know, just based on what boards and threads different folks gravitate to, so once you get out into the wide world of other social media avenues, like... there are always going to be such a variety of kinds of people. The best we can do is try to amplify the positive, try to stick to people who are uplifting instead of people who bring us down... but I mean, I don't think it's a bad thing to need to vent about our negative experiences, either-- sometimes you just need to get it out and feel like someone has heard you, so that you can feel better about a thing and move on.

      Like, when I first heard about confession blogs, it was framed very negatively, and I think the first one I did see did feature a lot of negativity, but the more I've had time to think about it and move away from my own initial reactions... I get why someone might want a 'safe place' for venting about something, as much as I get why a lot of people need to just not look at those blogs to avoid being upset by them.
    11. Pony, so glad things are improving for you and you have energy to do projects! I had surgeries too which made me feel exhausted and bjds, crafts and DoA really make me feel so much happier and going along the right direction! ☺